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Does anyone know of any alternatives when AA begins to attack your eyebrows. I know women sometimes tattoo them on or use that permanent makeup. Being a guy, I'm not sure that i could do that. I've had AA for over a year and for the most part have come to terms with it. this has set me right back to square one. I've gone back to just not leaving the house anymore and i hate it. Has anyone out there tried immune suppression? If so, what are the consequences? I hope someone will reply. I have…


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Diffuse alopecia

When I was first diagnosed with Alopecia Areata a year ago, I had large patches of hair falling out randomly across my head. Since then, they have shrunk to smaller patches about the size of quarters not only on my head but across my face as well. I dyed my hair platinum blonde not only to hide the grey hair that grew back, but it also did a better job of hiding the missing hair, As it has grown out and the black roots have started to show, I have noticed that I no longer have circular…


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Hope and anger

Hope and a lot of anger are the new emotions that are running through me after I finally ditched the dermatologist I was seeing. He was very dismissive with regards to outside opinions or suggestions. He diagnosed me alopecia areata. He would not take a biopsy of my scalp to rule out any other possibilities. I endured his ignorance for a little over 3 months and with it more steroid injections to my face, neck and scalp than I care to remember. I made an appointment with a new Dr. this past…


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I had these grand plans to get my hair to grow and I have failed at it

I had these grand plans to get my hair to grow and I have failed at it.I've watched as these spots have roamed around to different areas. Now \\I'm beginning to see patches on legs and on my arms. Iguess I just have to accept this. My depression in not complete and i have left work, not wanting to venture out of my home.people hear have been so cruel.What do we have left? what do i have left anymore? I am such pit of depression that i acnt get myself out of.

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Tomorrow I am going to start a new routine

Tomorrow I am going to start a new routine of natural vitamin supplements A-E, a shampoo with zinc, daily scalp massages, rogaine twice a day and yoga and meditation classes because i believe that stress plays a major role in this disease. I so tired of my doctor dismissing every alternative as inconsequencial. It's my hair thats falling out not his. I'm not going to take this lying down anymore! I'm not going down without a fight. I'm naturally high strung and vociferous, so that will be a…


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