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New Growth!

Okay, my hairloss was about 80-90% due to my Lupus. I have now been on Plaquinel since Nov 23 and a Biotin/Fish Oil regimen since Nov 1. The first picture shows the peak of my loss before I noticed that I didn't seem to be losing and the second picture is today. Just Friday I thought I saw 1/2" hairs among the 2-3" hairs. My mother looked and sure enough she saw a lot. So I got the rest of my hair shorn to 1" to even it out. I tried to duplicate the exact lighting so it shows the same but you… Continue

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Back to the Rheumatologist

Well, I went back and got my official diagnosis after extensive testing. I mean extensive! I had 15 vials of blood drawn. Because he was confident what he would see, he started me on treatment a month ago. I am on Plaquinel (a quinine based anti-malarial) and Neurontin (an anti-seizure) to treat the symptoms of Lupus. It's not an exact science...there's a lot of trial involved in regulating medications.

I've been dealing with Pleurisy, an inflammation in the Lungs which can… Continue

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Abuses in the Indian Human Hair Trade

Below is an excerpt from the film "Good Hair" by Chris Rock showing the inner-workings of the "human hair" weave trade. Featured is a religious ceremony called "tonsure", practiced in India. Also featured is hair stylist Elgin Charles Williams. I haven't purchased a human hair wig yet (one 50/50, unsure of origin) but when/if I do I will make sure it is not Indian hair. I thought these women were being paid for their hair, they are… Continue

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Merry Christmas

I rarely make my YouTube videos embeddable, but I wanted to share this with you all! Be… Continue

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No Hat, No Wig, No Problem

So this weekend I went to DC and stayed at the Gaylord National Resort. My mother had a conference there for continuing education, and I went along for the ride and the free vacation, since I'm afraid to be alone should I have another attack like the one that almost required a tracheotomy. Anyway, this resort is VERY ritzy. You know the scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts first enters the hotel and goes "Wow!" Like that.

I'd had pain on the drive down. What should have… Continue

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Why Not Me?

As I've shared before, my hairloss is (as far as I know) related to another health issue. 2.5 years ago, I got a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis but in the last year my symptoms have ramped up, culminating in an ER visit in September, and a host of bizarre symptoms (where I started treatment for Lyme). I finally got into the rheumatologist today, and he gave me a working diagnosis of Lupus and began treating it. I will get labs tomorrow, but he was confident that regardless of the final… Continue

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Hair Care OCD?

So I was in the shower and thought about this as I was scrubbing my hair. Have you become a bit obsessive about your hair/scalp care?

On days divisible by 4 I wash my hair with a coal tar based shampoo. I've been using it for over 10 years because I have dandruff from hell. I've had it since I was born and had no hair back then either ;-) I really scrub it to because I figure a healthy, stimulated scalp has a better chance of regrowth. If I lose all my hair I will still scrub the… Continue

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First Day Out with a Wig

So on Tuesday, my aunt gave me a few wigs she had on hand and I ordered 2 that will like like my real hair and one that is totally not, lol! I'm not ready to invest in an expensive wig until I know the nature of this, though at this rate it will be gone by Christmas. Yesterday, I spent most of the day with my mom getting her glasses and whatnot, and I wore this all day with fairly good results. Here are a before and after shot.



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I Look Sick

"This disease must be doing wonders for my appearance, because people keep telling me how good I look."

I saw that on a sight called which is created by a young woman with Lupus. For anyone living with a chronic illness that can't explain it to your friends and family, she has a story called "The Spoon Theory" which you should read. I didn't think I looked sick when I was able to do makeup, etc, just… Continue

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