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Attention everyone near Chicago!!!!!!

I have found my new favorite woman. Her name is Linda DiFronzo. She owns Hair for You Salon in Arlington Heights, IL. If you remember, I was asking about what to do with wigs that were too big (because the petite wig selection is lacking!!). Well...let me introduce Linda. She owns her own salon that does everything! My mom thinks she is going to go to her to get her hair styled, colored, etc (she does not have alopecia). But, for the past… Continue

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Karen and New Life Hair + eyebrow/lash recommendations

Last week, Karen Peterik from New Life Hair came to my house to talk about the Vacuum Sealed Freedom Wigs. She was amazing. Talking with her was really great. She was so helpful. We decided to hold off for a little while. I am still starting out with this whole process (5+ weeks) and am having patches of regrowth. I am still having new patches develop, but some new regrowth. But, those hairpieces were AMAZING! So light and natural. I could not beleive… Continue

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One month (+ 7 days) since diagnosis

I just wanted to put up some more recent pictures of my head. As you can see, there isn't much left to my eyebrows or eyelashes. It has been a little over one month since we noticed the first small spots in the back and was diagnosed. Holy cow...this thing has moved quickly. I'm home now, back in Chicago, for some time until Galveston is back up and running since the hurricane. I have an appointment with my dermatologist here this week as a second opinion. I also am going to meet with a woman… Continue

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My recent silence

Hey guys - I just wanted to explain why I haven't been on here lately. I live in Galveston, TX and evacuated last Thursday from the island. I am staying with friends elsewhere in Texas. We are safe (me, the boyfriend, and the two puppies). I am heading home to hang out with my family in Chicago for a few weeks because they are calling for the island to be shut down for a few more weeks. Ike actually made landfall on the island, so it is a mess down there. Just wanted to let you know. I'm… Continue

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Thank you all for the encouragement and tips. I am away from my family down at school and this website is a huge encouragement to me. I will definitely try out some of the eyebrow tips. And, I think I am going to go have my make-up done where they can show me how to do it. Thanks for the idea Bogie!! I don't think I ever would have thought of that, but I think it would help me to feel girlie. Below are some pictures of when I go out without the wig on. The first one, it was an outside barbecue… Continue

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I'm not having a good day. My eyebrows are almost all the way gone and my eyelashes are going too. I started losing eyelashes yesterday and by today, there are patches left. Ugh! I don't even look li…

I'm not having a good day. My eyebrows are almost all the way gone and my eyelashes are going too. I started losing eyelashes yesterday and by today, there are patches left. Ugh! I don't even look like me anymore Continue

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Stories and Questions

So, I've worn my new wig to work this week. It has been easier than I thought. Its funny because I have had people following me around all week telling me I look 'sassy'. HA! It has also been easier to talk about to the people I work with and go to classes with. I knew that as soon as I wore it, I was going to have to explain to people do didn't already know. It has been better than I expected. But, the first time I wore it out with some friends, I sat in the car and cried before I went… Continue

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Quick Question

My head has been itchy, basically since all this this began a few weeks ago. Oh man, has it been itchy!! But a few days ago, my head started to feel achy. Its only on the right side of my head. I am missing a big patch on the right side. I was just wondering if this is normal, or if it is something I should go back to the doctor early? I have an appointment on the 16th, to talk about the topical temovate treatment (which is NOT working). Am I okay to wait to go back to see him, or should I go… Continue

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