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Scholarship Opportunity!

The 'This Is Me Foundation' is offering up to four $500 scholarships to graduating high school seniors in the United States who have/had alopecia and are pursuing advance level education.  Apply directly or download an application by clicking here -> ;

Email us at with any questions!

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Hi everyone, a lot of things have changed since the last time I logged on (6 or 7 years ago, I did it with a hotmail user); I had several turning points in my life, started a few projects, some are succesful, others failed miserably, but I still on my feet and quite happy.

I wish everyone a happy new year, success in your plans and love, tons of love.

This is a restart in the best part of my life.



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Did anyone read the study about Columbia university had done with xeljanz,

Please look this up

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Hair Donation

Hello all,

My friend is wanting to donate her hair to an organization that makes wigs for individuals who have alopecia. However, her hair has been dyed. Does anyone know of a reliable organization that will accept her hair? I appreciate any help and responses. 



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Alopeica Areata or Telogen Effluvium?

Hey Guys,

I've had hair loss since July 2013 when I was 16, The hair loss started on top of my ears, and slowly started on my crown in circular patches. I've always had very long and thick hair so It was always something I could hide until it started on the back of my hair and more on the sides and became extremely noticeable.

Anyway, I write this blogpost because I'm confused. My hair will grow back in some areas, but always fall out again during Spring time (in Australia it…


Added by Mikki on November 10, 2018 at 2:12am — 6 Comments

Hair improvement

74 year old white male.  Starting getting bald spots in hair and in beard about 13 months ago.   Looked on line and decided to heal myself.  Started taking Quercetin 500mg 4 per day and drink buckwheat tea 2 times daily.   My hair has started growing in and filling the bald spots on head and beard within the past 4 weeks.   I honestly do not know if this self curing process is the cause on new hair growth or not.  But it is not expensive and in my world it helped.   Also I lost all of my eye…


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I have battling with alopecia since my early 20s. I continue to wear wigs because I’ve been embarrassed and a shamed for losing my hair. I decided to post this picture to help me face reality because I’m not alone. For a woman that is a very hard thing to accept , I have decided when I turn 50 I would no longer wear wigs but I move to Arizona that heat might make me change my mind LOL. I am 48 years old I single mother of four children, Hard-working person with a huge heart. The main thing I…


Added by Serena on September 21, 2018 at 8:50am — 3 Comments

messed up

Hi,  Read about people using markers to make their wigs look "rooted," so I did -- not using Sharpies, but regular markers. Dumb.. All along the part now, the hair is broken and looks frizzled and fried. Took the scissors, cut off all the little pieces I could. but now it has that "wiggy" look that it didn't have before.

Have read about fixing frizzy synthetics on the net, but never about if there's a way to fix a frizzy part. So far, besides cutting, tried smoothing it with a…


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Back to wearing Freedom wigs again and loving it

20 years ago I bought my first Freedom wig and I was in raptures. The hair was absolutely beautiful with great movement and the fit was awesome. I did everything in it, but unfortunately I worked outside most of the day in the heat and after two years I decided it was just too hot to keep wearing it. So I put it away only bringing it out on rare occasions which I switched to lace wigs, then to thin skin wigs which became my favourite because it stayed on without glue or tape much like the…


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Cause ?

I think it's funny how everyone categorizes Alopecia Areata ,Totalis, And Universalis as an Automune disease .  I'm not saying that it's not , but I was told by a number of specialists that it is just "believed " to be an autoimmune disorder.  I was told that there isn't 100 percent solid proof of it being autoimmune. I was told that the cause is unknown.  There are theories as to why it happens, autoimmune being one of them.  And I was told that research is still being done regarding the…


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New to major AA hair loss

I am new to this site but dealing with AA for about half my life (25 years). My AA has suddenly acted up and I have lost more than 50% of my hair. I wear a headband but even then, my spots sometimes show. I was on prednisone for a while, which helped, but my doctor kept reinforcing what I know is true - that is not good to stay on that for long so I stopped. Well now I am trying squaric acid with no effect yet. I am sometimes just so embarrassed to wear head scarves and to know my spots are…


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I Am My Hair.

Imagine this: Years of dedication and hard work towards my first masters degree. With the finish line in sight, my heart filled with nothing but excitement and bliss for what my future holds, only to wake up to spots of bare skin where my hair would usually be. I had interviews and meetings that I was prepared for. I had no doubt in my mind these meetings would open doors to the future I had dreamt about for the past 8 years. Now I felt nothing but self consciousness and anxiety. How…


Added by Sharon Weinberg on July 31, 2018 at 12:56pm — 1 Comment

I'm new!

Hey everyone! My name is Allison and I'm new to alopecia world! I wanted to seek advice on my eyebrow. Recently, I lost half of my right eyebrow. I see some hairs growing in, and I was wondering how long it might take to grow completely back. Also, is there a way to prevent more eyebrow hair from being lost? 

Added by Allison on July 29, 2018 at 3:06pm — 2 Comments

Treatment for Alopecia Areata


  I havent really been doing treatments for my alopecia areata right now and its been 10 years, since I have alopecia.  I was kind of seeing a hair specialist and told me my hair is going to grow back but don't know when.  I'm thinking of starting treatments again so the whole process can be faster.  I had thyroid cancer and got stressed out and lost my hair bacause of stress.  Does any one know of treatments that work…


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Take part in a new research survey exploring out of pocket expenses for patients with alopecia areata.

Harvard Medical School is conducting a short survey about out of pocket medical costs associated with alopecia areata 

A research study being conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital is seeking to learn more about understanding the out of pocket expenses for patients with alopecia areata. …


Added by JessicaStinkle on July 23, 2018 at 9:31am — 1 Comment

11 Years of Alopecia

Hello All,

What the journey we go through with this thing called alopecia areata.

I've just returned from the conference and want to let you know that once again I had another, yes another wonderful experience of my life! 

I celebrated with old friends and met new friends. 

Thank you all for you being you!!!

Love and hugs!


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Ashwagandha/Anthony William of Medical Medium

Hello ---

I have not been on here for quite some time.  Still coping with the alopecia areata and it has been 10 years!  I still routinely get kenalog injections when spots occur and so far it has helped.  I would just like to find out how to stop this though, like many of us.

Recently a friend turned me onto Anthony William of Medical Medium.  Of course I checked to see if he talks about alopecia and he does.  He recommends Ashwagandha and I wonder if anyone has tried…


Added by Georgie on June 6, 2018 at 3:34pm — 1 Comment

Eye Make-up for Alopecia Universalis

I love this community. It is helping me to accept my Alopecia Universalis. While I strive to get healthier in hopes of regrowing hair, I've found so many wonderful and caring people on this website who have helped me to accept the condition. I still hope that the autoimmune disease cures itself, but I'm not stressing out over it anymore. 

Today, I created a vlog on doing my make-up and getting ready in the morning. I don't bother with fake eyelashes. I don't have real ones to…


Added by Melinda on June 2, 2018 at 5:00pm — 2 Comments

Autoimmune disorders and deficiencies—Hypothyroid and iron

Also, looking at auto-immune disorders, I have had excema since I was 12 and had rheumatoid arthritis from 1998-2004 (6 years).  

Added by Kathryn on May 26, 2018 at 12:23am — 2 Comments

I found my answer to my alopecia areata- my hair is completely back

Like the title said this is my answer and I came back to write about it so that maybe it could help at least one person. Everybody's answers going to be different but this is what I found out was the reason that I was losing hair. So I went and had an allergy test ran and my whole life I didn't know that I was allergic to anything. Well it turns out that I had an egg white intolerance so it is causing inflammation on my scalp and causing my hair to fall out. I went to about 20 different…


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