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and so it goes...

It happened again, and why am I surprised? I'm currently collecting data for my dissertation and last week was faced with difficulties that are not research-related but alopecia-related. Something research supervisors can't really prepare you for...

I'm developing a career counseling group to motivate unmotivated high school students to engage in career exploration. During one of the group sessions last week while exploring each participants' individual strengths and characteristics,… Continue

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next week i'm going to make pictures of my bald had!!! for the first time.....

i'm very curious and afraid also!

xxx sandra.

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I want to go to the conference this year, but....

it would really mean a lot to me to have Todd go with me to Houston to the conference, yet I think it would be pushing him to do something before he's ready to do it. Don't get me wrong, he's doing great with my alopecia (even though he still wishes I would cover my head sometimes -- and he might just get his wish because summer is coming and I don't do sunburn!), but I think that seeing thousands of alopecians gathered in one spot will freak him out enough to regress him.

I'm not… Continue

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wow, even though i havent gotten a ton of comments the ones that i have gotten made me so happy. thanks so much. i showed my parents and they are happy i have found a way to express what i am going through.

i rly like the blog. i enjoy writing so much. even if no one reads this. ill have fun with it. i am currently hoping that after high school i will major in music and english. that is what i will focous on school and the college id like to go to. my gardes and having a good time… Continue

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Letting people know...

Well this weekend went by without my breaking down again. Don't get me was very much on my mind. However, I chose to accept it. No other choice really. Sure I could moan and groan and cry about it, but where would that get me? There are a lot worse things out there. That's what I keep telling myself anyhow, to get through. :)

I told another co-worker today about it, while in earshot of someone who I always thought of as well, not so much heartless, but who didn't really… Continue

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recently diagnosed, a little over 2 weeks ago, trying to stay positive

well i guess i could say that this skin disorder has pushed my anxiety up in the last couple of weeks since i got diagnosed on march 6th, luckily my boss will let me wear a hat which is a good thing but i have to accept this myself as well, if i go totally bald the way i see it is hey 1 less thing to worry about, and bald is in from what people are telling me, so i guess it is not all bad, well here is a little more about myself, i'am a drummer, i like all types of music, concerts are my hobby(… Continue

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trying to stay strong

i can not get past this. i will try and stay positive. life goes on and things change. maybe this is only temporary. as i am a teen and our bodies change. i pray to god please please let my hair grow back and the others who are feeling the same.

im a nervous person so i need to find something to keep me calm.

music is something that i am so passionate about its almost ridiculous.

all i think about is " is it going to fall out?, please dont fall out!" im… Continue

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Do you have Alopecia?

"Do you have Alopecia?" For the first time a stranger asked me this. Usually the question is "do you have cancer?" or something similar.

While loading groceries into my car, a van pulls up with the window down. I smiled at the two women in the car trying to figure out if I knew them. Then they asked the question and a wonderful conversation about alopecia followed. Their 7 year old granddaughter does not have hair. They took my picture to show the child.

A neat experience.

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My story

My story began just over two months ago. I was getting ready to go out on a Saturday night, and noticed a bald patch on the right side of my head as I was drying my hair. I was a little freaked out, but read about it and asked a dermatologist friend who assured me it was Alopecia Areata and that it wasn't serious. He said given my age and no previous history of alopecia areata, that my prognosis was good. I made an appointment with a dermatologist to get the steroid injections.

I… Continue

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Overwhelming....but coping...barely

Well I guess a little bit of history first. I first found out I had Alopecia when I was in my mid-twenties. I found out by my hairstylist telling me I had a little bald spot at the back of my head. She told me it was Alopecia. At the time, I was stressed out with finals at university. The second time I found some bald spots, I had ended it with my long-time boyfriend of 8 years (had cancalled our wedding three months before it was to occur). I am now in my third bout, and it's worse this time.… Continue

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What blood tests are relevent for alopecia?

Hey Gang,

I havent been to the doctor in ages and have an appt on monday. i figure I may as well be tested for everything. What are you sugestions?
The last time everything was normal. My thought are:
Thiroid Function
Iron Level
Testosterone level
Liver and Kidney Function
Any others you can think of that are relevent would be appreciated.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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MY HAIR IS GROWING!!!!! this is my super excited post!!!!!! i'm JUST SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

it started about a month ago and it was a little shaky for a while. i had a ridiculous looking mohwak style for a while, but it's started to even itself out. i'm just SO incredibly thrilled.

pictures to come...

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you know the kind of bad dream: you show up to school naked or your teeth crack and tumble out of your mouth or you like realize all of your hair has fallen out and you are bald? Yeah.

you know the kind of bad dream: you show up to school naked or your teeth crack and tumble out of your mouth or you like realize all of your hair has fallen out and you are bald? Yeah. The last one...So last week I notice a 2 inch bald spot on the back of my head. I don't know when it started or how it got so big with out me noticing but when I ran my fingers through my hair after the gym on Wed they hit a smooth patch... WHAT?! Confirmed by some yoga moves with a compact in the employee… Continue

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So I have definitely neglected this site lately. I don’t even remember the last time I spent more than 5 minutes on this site. For a while I was spending at least an hour a day on here. It not that I don’t like this site or anything, I still love it and think its great support. It’s just my life has been changing so fast and I haven’t had a chance to even stop and catch my breath.

In the last few months I have moved to a different part of the state (just for the school year, but its… Continue

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Just because I wear a wig does not mean I have self-esteem issues

Today I was with my cousin and I went with her to take her 5 year old son to get a haircut. I'm sitting in a chair reading a magazine waiting for them to be finished when an older lady (70's) comes up to me and says, "Excuse me. Do you mind if I tell you something?" I look up from my magazine to see what she wants to tell me. She tells me, "You have very pretty hair." I wear a wig, as I'm sure this lady could tell. I replied with a polite thank you as I look back at my magazine. The lady then… Continue

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I need some help

I just watched a documentary called the Beautiful Truth and it really spoke to me. There is this therapy called the Gerson therapy which has cured many cancer patients and other illnesses through eating only fruits and vegetables. There is more to it and if I get some people to help me i'll figure out all the details. I came up with an idea of seeing if this same therapy would work with Alopecia. I'll create a plan and ask anyone who liked to help me this experiment and to post their results.… Continue

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Get a Life!

I've been going contest crazy lately! Looking for a new job in this economy with a bad wig is a tough job and can be rather depressing some days. I've been working part time still but only 15 to 20 hours a week which doesn't exactly give me much cash flow. I've got that Doritos commercial on the go but I don't think it will be winning any prizes anytime soon, unfortunately we no longer live in a world where creative ideas are enough, the technology has to match so this amateur ain't gonna cut… Continue

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RE: Also Curious about this!

Hi all! Ok, so maybe some people get alopecia once and never get it again, I would like to talk to one, but, has any one ever experienced dental issues or infections with the Alopecia? I have had some cavities in both wisdom teeth that I haven't taken care of for a while,I know thats bad, but they haven't really hurt or bothered me. I'm wondering if that can trigger the Alopecia?? Anyone heard of this or had the same thing happen around the same time?? Also, I did notice that when I'm gone from… Continue

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Why I am Here

The baldness was with me from the start of my youth. I feared total hair loss at my twenties. Hair was falling out day by day. But the head remained hairy. In the end of thirties, the bald spots became large. I lost more and more hair from the front side. But it is in the start of forties that the hair fall became more active and a small patch appeared on the back side too. It is spreading. But the hair fall is now slowed in rate.

What is in hair. People alarm watching their hair falls. If… Continue

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alopecia areata

Hi All,
I was wondering if any one would share there experience with alopecia areata with me. Feel like I am the only person who has this terrible disease.

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