Female Pattern Baldness

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  • Beth

    Love these resources!! Wonderful themes!
    Strength in self-acceptance and love is the most important for our society, and, for the individual.
    I also wish to work toward promoting viable options that women can choose: no treatments for hair loss, going public bald, improved comfort and quality of hair pieces, and, viable future treatments that really regrow hair that are scientifically proven, safe, and affordable. I am working to improve our options. Thank you so much for checking in now and then!
  • LittleSadEyes


    I have just his week begun taking 0.5mg of Dutasteride/Avodart this week. I was hoping to come across other ladies with experience using this medication for their hairloss, and if so, what your dose was and how effective you found it. Thanks!
  • LittleSadEyes

    Just an amendment to my post below - 0.5mg once a week.