I’ve seen so many doctors over the years and so many tests and different opinions. Most just shrug their shoulders and say they have no idea. Undefined Alopecia is the last diagnosis I had five years ago. I quit going to doctors and asking for help. I don’t even tell them now I am wearing a wig. I accept that I have to put the wig on every day , but I hate it! I never let anyone see me without it. I wear a cap to bed. I don’t even let my husband see me without the cap. I want to be me again. 

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I really wonder why people on here keep searching for answers, subject themselves to poking, prodding, and the expense, and to come up with no conclusive answer.  Doctors don't know why we lose our hair.  It is what it is....don't you read enough posts from countless people on here that have found no answers?  And so many get shots, take meds, try potions, diets,  and vitamins, etc, only to have barely any regrowth at all, or find they have a lifetime of doing whatever it is, as in FOREVER.....to keep what little hair they have regrown.  Doctors don't care about hair loss. For the very lucky few who have solved the problem of their hair loss, for the most part most of us have not. And we all hate it. 

Hey Lexi, You are absolutely right. It is what is... there aren’t any answers. I do have this wish that I can find some peace with it. I had to find a new primary dr after mine retired. She commented on my cute new hairstyle today. I had a moment I thought I should tell her it’s not my real hair, but I didn’t. I should be happy she didn’t seem to realize but somehow it irritated me all day . Aargh



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