So I've worn longer wigs but this summer I want to go short. I'm undecided between JR Kristen or Amore Codi. Anyone tried either one I've seen some good reviews on the Codi so far. The Kristen is a lace front no mono top and Codi is no lace front but has a mono top. Hmm which is better? I'll prob eventually try them both just not sure which to start with LOL :)

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Bobbie, Gallery of Wigs is the cheapest place I've seen on a website to order wigs.  She is really good to help you make your choices and she's very honest.  I called a couple of weeks ago about one I had seen on line and she told me she thought it had way too much hair and suggested something different.  This isn't the first time she has done this, but I love honesty.  She does own a wig shop, but if you will leave your name and number, she will return your call.  She is good to help you with colors if you aren't sure which color you prefer.  Hope this helps!

PS  She is located in Connetica

Hi Bobbie!

I know this is late, but, I just spied your question.  Codi is the BEST!!!!  I have owned several!  Have you tried it yet?  Did you like it too?

In fact, I participated in a video commercial for my doctor's office and that is the wig I chose to wear for the video and I felt quite perfect in it!





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