Hi. I know this doesn't exactly have to do with hair but I was wondering if anyone here has considered getting permanent eyeliner or eyebrows and where they went. I live in the Washington, DC area so East Coast places would be more helpful. Thanks!

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i got permanent eye liner - without even losing all my lashes - and it was the best thing i did! it looks amazing! got semi permanent tatoo on. i was a solidly terrified and my bf held / squeezed my had always through... more like death clutch!! buy looks awesome and gives so much definition. was fortunate enough to never lose all lashes and brows bit with an all bald head it really helps my look :-) no point telling you where as i am sydney.. but I really recommend it.. you just really need to be brave and take a good hand to squeeze / pulpatise!!!!
My friend had her eyebrows tattooed. It was painful but looked good for a few years and then faded away. Personally I would only use makeup near the eyes. It's a delicate area and Cliniques cake eyeliner looks very natural. If you have the brows done go to a medical office where it will be sanitary and covered for liabilities.

No No NO, It is unbearably painful and no numbing agents are used.  It doesn't last and is expensive. 

I got microblading done and I love it.  I did a video so I could show others the process.  Here is a link to the video on youtube.


ONE TIP - make sure they have prescription strength numbing cream! :)



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