Okay. Now I am 66, divorced, retired, broke, need to lose more weight, have two friends non-social after strokes, my relatives and old friends are far away or non-communicative, and I got my first new bald spot since 1998 IN THE MIDDLE OF MY WHITE REVERSE-OPHIASIS HAIR RING. How insulting is THAT? I do not even bother flirting anymore. Send me some laughs, because I feel frickin' INVISIBLE!

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Now come on, TG....if you're invisible, no-one will see your new bald spot, will they???

I dunno, some peeps are just looking for reasons to complain... ;)

Hi TG and Norm,

Long time no see.

How many Alopecians does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Hiya Jeff :)

Hmmm...I think the answer to your question is "the usual number", but you'd not really want alopecians changing light bulbs cos the glare off the shiny heads would just end up dazzling peeps ;)

Am I right? (cries of "noooo!!!"

Ding ding ding!!!

Shine on you crazy diamond!

Hey, allow an Alopecian who formerly soothed others on this site a bit of a down time herself after ten + years on here and a long absence! I am NOT having a good summer. At least the pathology report from minor surgery a week ago came back "benign." Cannot go anywhere to spend gas money nor waste funds at places where all folk are younger and I am ignored, so yes, I am quite invisible until teaching starts up again. Another bald spot (from surgery and money worries?) makes me worry about losing eyebrows and eyelashes, which I miraculously have been able to keep. The only truly accepting comment in the last week came from an old beau...who is a thousand miles away and married. Cue (queue?) the Adele songs...

A teacher has to look good. Junior high kids notice EVERYTHING.

Cool down TG,

It's going to be be okay. Your biopsy is benign. Thank goodness you don't have cancer!

We're all getting older. We can't change that. Alopecia can be difficult to handle. We all know that.

You're a teacher right? If money is an issue some schools go year round and there's always summer school for those students in need of special attention.

You're not invisible unless you don't show up.

Live your best life!

You can do this!



I am retired. There is no summer work for part-time substitute teachers who work with junior high school students...that is why I HAD to take retirement, so I would at least get SOMETHING during the summer. public school districts really stopped considering me for full-time positions once I turned 50, and most non-public schools have lost funding and had to close in recent years. My last big lay-off from one was in early 2012. It has been rough ever since then. I moved to one-bedroom, low-income housing in 2013. I have been in this town for 25 years, and am now just another one of the old gals, he ha.

Thanks anyway!

I understand retirement. I'm headed in that direction.

However, I don't understand why teaching is unavailable. 

Learning is lifelong.

Educate my friend. You have lots to offer!

Be Well!


Back to the school year now. Sub jobs starting to come!




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