Greetings to all you So Floridaians 

Sending positive energy to everyone. My daughter has AA, she was diagnosed 6 months ago and at this point all of her hair is gone including her eyebrows. I also see her mental state dwindling as well. I do everything in my power to keep her built up and her confidence high. As of late she docent want to go out, play, engage except with the computer. I am looking for a group out here, that we can come to and talk, so she can see she is not alone. I have been searching and other than CAPS which i had no success in reaching anyone, it seems that support groups are scarce. If anyone is interested in meeting at the barnes and noble on Glades Road in Boca Raton  this Thursday at 7pm that would be great. Any age so she can see she is not alone and talk with others who can relate and give her some more hope.

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Please visit 

Their annual conference is this Thursday thru Sunday in Miami Florida.

This could be a real life changer for her and you!

Good Luck!


Thank You

I will be attending.



See you there!

Looking for support groups in Palm Beach County. Recently diagnosed with AA.

Thank you

Hi There!

I'm an adult with AU who has 2 children with AA and want to welcome you.  We are large/diverse group and understand the feeling of isolation she is experiencing.  My children have had me to watch but when I was in my 20's and first going through it, I had no one.  I have a friend here who's son is a teen with AU, her name is Valeska....try to find her.  I know she is already part of a supportive group.  Please feel free to reach out to me as well at any time....each of us has a different journey but we are all traveling together:)



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