How does the heat down here in the Southern states affect what you wear everyday? Jeans, Shorts, Hats, Oh and Include wigs, bandannas, or just going plain ole' "topless".......
Do tell :-)

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Being a geologist, I work outdoors a great deal. I sunscreen my entire head, even though I wear a hat. Sweat is the big deal for me. Without hair on my head to absorb it, it runs into my eyes. A bandana usually takes care of that. Light, long sleeve shirts help keep sun and bugs off. Long pants are a must so I wear Royal Robins 911's. They are cotton and have lots of pockets for phone, GPS, field book, etc...

On the coast almost anything with a fragrance will keep sand gnats away except for DEET! DEET is a condiment to sand gnats. Naturapel citronella spray works very well. I avoid DEET unless the mosquitoes are just unbearable. I think the bug bites may be safer.

When I am not working, it's shorts Hawaiian shirts or loose Tees, shorts and comfy shoes.
Yea, the heat and humidity are awful here in Alabama. I still wear a wig when I go out (unfortunately). That means as soon as I get home I snatch it off and put it away. When I work out I either wear a bandana or a buff. The buff is so much nicer because it is cooler and does a better job of absorbing the sweat than a bandana does.
Topless all the way! The heat in Atlanta is unbearable. I don't know how women wear the wigs and weaves here. I just can't do it. I had great long hair that was usually in a ponytail most of the summer--I sweat in (now on) my head. For all ya'll beating the southern heat--STAY COOL!
Sure is hot in caps most days, too hot for a wig..I could do it, just going into the car and blasting the a/c...but then you do have to go outside eventually. I am always afraid my hot sweaty head will ruin a perfectly good wig. I also read the sun changes blonde hair to pink !!! Now, I like colors for hair, but I surely don't want mine to turn pink !!! I never used to ever wear a hat of anykind, let alone a baseball cap. But that has become my staple for the past 2 yrs. I don't leave home without it!! Can't put what is left up thru the back into a scrawny ponytail, little as it is...because the nape of my neck is'd that happen?? So my back hairline has moved up to a ridiculous height so can't wear my hair up under the hat, it just hangs out thin as it pathetic.
This is my first summer as a "Southern Alopecian", and I can't stand to wear a wig in this heat! If I do have to wear one out and I start to get hot and perspire, I take it off (sometimes in the car at a stoplight, can you imagine that, alopecia has taken my vanity!) and put on the "doo rag" that I got at Wal-Mart. I wish they would make dressier ones, because every one I have found has either stars, is made from a bandana, or is black with skull-and-crossbones! Not quite the image for church or dressy gatherings!
Deb, too funny....I know what you are talking about. I myself have gotten hot wearing a wig, and been at the red light, and flipped my wig off...I wonder what someone would think seeing that?? I know I would be in shock if I saw that years back! I now understand !! So I flip my wig off and throw in on the passenger's seat..then I am just a sight!! I then grab the trusty baseball cap. I have also gotten so hot wearing a wig I feel like I could pass out. That's why I keep researching the best wig options...most natural, coolest, stylable, hairline, etc. It is so hard when the majority of the best of the best are so very expensive. I do mean like over $500 well over..not an amount I want to toss away just to give it a try.



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