Hello everyone I’m a happy female 58 divorced woman and have had AU since I’m 8 years old, with times it has come and gone but this is the longest bout ever. This is so hard being single now, I was married for 30 years and now single for almost 7, so I thought it was time I put myself out there. I would love to meet someone in this group who understands what we go through everyday, not someone who is superficial and only cares about looks that are like underneath. I don’t wear wigs, never have, in the summer I wear adorable bandanas scarves and in the winter it’s all about the hats!!

I’m fun to be around and I have a great sense of humor, I’m a good friend as my friends tell me. I’m a very loyal person, and people tell me they feel very confident that they can confide in me and they know it stays with me only.

I like to go to the movies, markets, try new foods, travel, just about anything. I live in Georgia which has many things to do, and I love it here! The mountains are beautiful and then you have Hotlanta! I don’t go by myself, but would love to meet someone in my area to go with and explore together! 

Well that’s it for now, Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!! 

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Hey Gail, 

Thanks for sharing your story with us! I am not sure if my reply is public or not. Admit, I am not finding this sight very "user friendly"...yet. I think I did make a comment to another post of yours in the recent past and have put out a few friend requests so far but don't know the status of them yet either. ;) 

I am a 61 yr old woman who has had alopecia since I was 5 years old. I was married for 17 years, had two wonderful sons, both married and I have four fantastic grand children. I remarried and am widowed and have been single for 7 yrs and yes, I get what you are saying.

I admire the fact that you go without wigs! I have never been so bold yet. I have basically been "in the closet" about my alopecia all these years even tho most people in my small home town here in PA know about my "condition". :] 

I believe I mentioned to you that I lived in GA for 7 yrs on Tybee Island. I loved it there! It was SO great being away from my home town I grew up in. Long story....here I am back in my home town and wondering "what the heck am I going to do for the rest of my life"? 

I would like to exchange phone numbers with you so we could have someone to talk to about wonderful alopecia etc. 

Let me know if you are interested? I hope you find happiness, good health and lots of fun in the new year! 



Hi Lisa Happy New Year! I’m sorry I don’t remember getting a comment from you but I’m not as much as I’d like to be. Wow Georgia, I wonder how close you were to me? Sure I’d love to exchange phone numbers, right now I have pneumonia so I’m sick, give me a lot while to get over this, it’s hard to talk and breathe at the same time. But here’s my number: 941-258-428&. Call me I would to chat with someone my own age! 

Thsnks so much and I look forward to hearing from you! 

Hey Gail, 

Good to hear from you! I hope you feel better soon! Is this post just between you and me or is it public? Anyhow, the last digit on your number is a &. Is that supposed to be a 7 or 8? I will probably text you first to see if and when would be a good time to call. 

I was on Tybee Island. Not sure where you live in GA but you can figure out how far that is. :) 

I will be in touch after I get your number straightened out and give you time to heal. I am trying to decide whether to go to Tybee for the month of Feb. I have access to an ocean front condo for the month . I would also love to be in Savannah and Tybee for St Paddys day but will have to come up with another place to stay for those first couple weeks in March. I have friends that will accommodate me. 

Gotta fly, 

Get well soon!!

Lisa Good



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