wonder if i will ever get a boy who doesnt care about me with no hair?

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I continue to wonder the same thing Sarah! I joke with my friends that I guess my soulmate is in Antarctica, cuz I guess I am not finding him where I am. Maybe men there wouldn't care, who knows.
sarah. i think everyone will agree....absolutely. your hair loss does not define you in any way. you are not who you are because of alopecia. please believe in yourself. if you read more on AW you will realize w/o doubt that your future is VERY bright in every respect...love is in your future.
I have been a bachelor for quite a few years now and wonder if I will ever find my Alopecian Princess...
I am a man who finds women wihout hair to be quite beautiful, attractive, and alluring. I owuld be more than happy to talk to you about it.
My name is Andy

. I was looking on this site because a girl I dated in college had alopecia totalis and she was beautiful. I feel like she might have been the one that got away. I hope I dont sound like a creep, but thinking about her and and the potential of finding someone like her, led me to this site. I have always found women with no hair beautiful. I am a guy who truly does not care if a girl has hair. I just care who they are.   

In all honesty.... I'm bald and kind of.... want a bald girl... I'm not attracted to women with hair really. I try not to reverse discriminate.... but it's just people have their requirements, there's no shame in that. I'm back to feeling open to anything these days. Hair or no hair, people are beautiful.

Hi Sarah
Yes there are men who don't care. Both men with Alopecia and men with hair.I have AU and still have hope that my soul mate is out there somewhere.
So my question to you is are there women out there who don't care about men with no hair?

I don't care either way, but a bald woman in my opinion is like a rare gem. I find them insanely attractive.

I think it’s the same both ways. Some girls and boys care if you have hair and some don’t. It’s all preference.

I don't care



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