For those of us who chose to live our lives bald, our heads become beacons.

It never ceases to amaze me that when I am just doing my thing that others "find" me.

rj and I where taking a walk and returning home. A woman from across the street was in her car and called out to me. She asked if I had alopecia and we had a chance to talk and I invited her to Alopecia World and suggested we get together for dinner with few other alopecian woman I have been in contact with in the Detroit area. All I did was go for a walk. My displayed bald head allowed for the connection.

What I once hid, now how become a guidance for my life.

Let your heads shine ladies!

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Thank you xx
Oops! I meant to say "What I once hid, has now become a guidance for my life. ;)
I've had so many experiences like this, Cheryl! I've come to see my bald head as part of what makes me unique and it leads to connections I wouldn't have otherwise (including this wonderful AW community!)
Mary, I agree. People all over the world know who you are because of International Alopecia Day. You have been the reason, why many have walked out of the house for the first time without a headcovering. In fact the woman that met with us for International Alopecia Day, came in with a wig and within a few minutes took it off for the first time in public. Powerful.

Mind you she placed it on the table, I think the waitress had no idea what to do! LOL!
I met a man on my walk in Long Beach and he has alopecia and was telling me bald men also had it hard and now its soooooooo normal to see bald men, Hoping the same for us soon. Always comforting to run into other persons with alopecia
This a fabulous post. I went to my first ever support group meeting and there I was the only one that walked in bald. There was a 10 year old girl there that was in awe and she expressed to her mom how great it was to see me being bald and comfortable.
Terri! That is what I am talking about. You being you, encouraged another.
We have no clue what effect we have on others. Some we may hear about and other we may never know about. The woman who inspired me to eventually get to the place I am today I don't even know her name. All I know is that I saw her, a black bald woman with presence walk into a room at a NAAF conference close to 20 years ago and I was in total awe. I never spoke to her, never got her name and to this day she has no idea what affect she had on me. But when I left that conference I knew that that was where I wanted to go. Every time we walk out of the door bald, we open the opportunity to encouraging another. Not with some great talent, or eloquent words, just the fact that we walked out the door.
I had a sister come up to me in church and wispered in my ear saying..that I don't know how much I am sending a message cause a lot of woman in the church are going through losing their hair due to cancer or just loosing. She said that she commended me and that I was so very bold and fierce. Yes, we are beacons to a lot of woman and I am loving myself as me,,but now have to get use to the coldness of the am buying some hats....another new Look! God bless you all...let's keep in touch..iron sharpens iron.



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