What local places do you guys like for wigs, scarves, fake eyebrows or lashes, etc? I do a lot of online shopping but I like to support local business when I can. Also, sometimes I just like to go look at stuff :)

Have any of you found any gems here in the Northwest?

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I go to Wells Hair Goods in Beaverton... I have been going there for years. It is just your normal wig place, but they give a discount for pieces for medical conditions and I have gotten to know the women over the years and really like them.
I heard years ago that there is a great shop in downtown Portland, but never went there and do not know if it is still around!
No, I don't know of any place. I will keep my ears open as I know a few college students who may have some ideas of where to shop.
I recently bought my first hair piece at a small shop in Bellevue - just on the other side of 405 from the mall. The name escapes me right now, but my experience there was so much better than the first place I went to when I was much younger. It is a salon, also, and while my wig did not need any cuts, they offer to do the first trim for free as well.
I live in Salem so I went to the local wig store called Kay's World of wigs to buy my very first wig. After trying on wigs and asking questions for an hour and a half, they kicked me out of the store because I couldn't decide. The lady that was helping me had coffee/cigarette breath and was very late in her years. She was very rude and unknowlegable. The store was dirty and many of the mannequins were broken. I will never go back there and will never recommend that store to anyone.
I went to Wells Wigs in Beaverton. The women that work there are awesome! They are well trained and will answer any question you ask. They were also very patient. I will keep going there until my hair grows back which might be forever!
Yep, that Salem shop is a very rude, unfriendly & unkempt place to go. I work very near there & stopped by one day to check it out. I wasn't even greeted or asked if I needed anything. I was simply ignored like I was a bother, she looked directly at me when I walked in & said nothing, not even a nod.
Take a drive to Portland & go to Brenda Kay's Hair Specialties at 1975 SW 1st Avenue Ste A, Portland, Or 97201 503-223-8092 - it is totally worth it!! Brenda Kay is a sweetheart, she understands hair loss & specializes in it. She's got a beautiful selection of high quality hats & hair pieces, she is an awesome stylist & will custom cut to fit you. Several years ago when I thought I was only dealing with AA, for the umpteenth time... she helped me with a custom hand tied human hair piece that matched my original hair & style exactly. It was a partial piece so I could pull my own hair through to cover the "spots"; it was a perfect solution for me. By the time the piece was completed (just a few short weeks) I had lost huge chunks of hair, I was quickly on my way to AU for the 1st time. Much to my complete devastation, the beautiful piece was useless. Bless her heart she did not charge me for the piece, instead she had another human hair piece overnighted that closely matched what my hair "used to be", she let me come in after hours so she could style it. I'll never forget her for that. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her for who she is as well as her compassion to our plight!!!
I live in Eastern Wa and discovered Monique's Salon in Spokane this last summer. They have quite a variety of wigs- the one I was particularly interested in was the cyber hair. I felt as though this would be a great place for people in the area to check out. I had already bought a wig from elsewhere but I think my next one will be from this place since it's so close and the people seem genuinely nice.


Does anyone know of a stylist that will actually cut wigs without you purchasing them? I called Brenda Kay and the woman who answered the phone was very rude and told me that she didn't know anyone who would take on that financial responsibility. I've had stylists cut my wigs without issue and she was a bitch about it and now I'm left feeling really worried. Any info would be great!



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