Why Work with a Hair Loss Consultant vs. Buying a Wig at the Salon

As an alopecia sufferer, I know all too well how difficult it can be to find a hairpiece that fits your head comfortably and won’t fall off yet still looks natural and stylish. Growing up, I tried many different hairpieces, but none of them were quite right for me. Then I found Follea/Daniel Alain. A knowledgable hair loss consultant from the company sized my head and helped me find a hairpiece that fit perfectly and could endure my active lifestyle. Furthermore, this experience showed me that having the assistance of a qualified hair loss consultant makes all the difference when it comes to choosing your ideal hair loss solution. 

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I'm so Happy to hear how you have had better experiences with an individual representative since your wig salon uncomfortable and unsuccessful appointments.

I feel that one on one with client to representatives and ordering directly from the company, has always been the best way to have happy customers.

Instead of selling what they have in the wig salon just to make the sale
And altering it to fit when it clearly doesn't fit just leads to disappointment.

Sounds like the Daniel Alain Follea company is out to please the customers
Thanks for sharing

They sure have the best quality hair that I've experienced which deserves mentioning ..
Absolutely. The hair is amazing and the versatility of the pieces have allowed me to put my hair up, style it any way I’d like, and is lightweight and breathable. I’d recommend a Daniel Alain/Follea to anyone. The new Daniel Alain/Follea pieces are the best!

 Yes, I agree Lesley. When I was looking for hair at wig shops I was very uncomfortable and felt intimidated. I felt the wig shop did not understand my hair loss journey and the thousands of tears I shed over my hair loss,  the countless hours of searching for good hair and a hair piece that would live up to my active lifestyle.  Working with an expert from Follea/Daniel Alain team in the privacy of my home was invaluable. I am so thankful.  No more  wig shop shopping for me.

I agree! Sometimes there is NO privacy to try on a piece in a salon. I also felt like I was being pushed in to a size that really didn't fit just so the salon could sell me apiece they had in inventory.

Meeting an experienced sales rep who took their time with me to choose the right size, color and length was so important and helpful.

I love my Follea gripper!



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