Hello my name is Monica and my daughter was just diagnosed with alopecia areata from like a 1 min apt with a dermatologist! I just cant get over how this Doctor didn't even get closer than an arms length to diagnose my infant daughter with such a disease! My daughter has a full head of hair for being 9 months, it almost touches her shoulders. I always noticed that her hair in the back was much thinner, but didn't think much of it because that's where she does most of her sleeping, where she lays for her bottles, where she lays when we change her. So the other day I noticed some bearish looking spots on her head, still had thin hair inside about two quarter size blotches with a small connecting hair loss in the middle. It looks exactly like when the babies have the long patch of hair missing when they are younger. So me being the worry mother that I am I called the doctor who ref over to a dermatologist. The Dr. than diagnosed her with alopecia areata. When I look in the bare spots I can see hair and stubble so I am unsure if this is the correct diagnoses, and I am so scared! I called children's hospital for a second opinion and the nurse somewhat put my mind at ease. She told me that

1. if it was aplopecia there would be no hair in the patch

2. In all the years she has been there she has Never seen a child younger than 5 be diagnosed

3, It can be so many other things like, friction from her mattress, her pulling her hair.

 My daughter has been pulling her hair a lot lately I have noticed, even in the back so I am just so worried. Has anyone ever had an experience like this or have any advice? has anyone ever seen a baby being diagnosed with this? what would you do?

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I would ask to go to another derm right away for a second opinion.  Meanwhile massage onion juice if possible each night.  It could stimulate her scalp.  I am so sorry this is happening to your baby.  I would also get a food allergy test right away.  A food sensitivity could be causing this.  



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