In my experience it seems that for the men that don't mind being with a bald woman the reason is pretty basic. The vast majority have looked at it as a plus when it comes to the intimacy factor. Whereas some couples role play, or "dress up" per se, being with a bald woman gives the option to switch out looks, or even add as part of a striptease. You know the shoes, clothes, hair, and so on......I could be more specific but I really do not want to offend anyone. As I have said, this has been MY experience and so I am asking you men- is this the main factor that makes it okay for you? And you women here- how do your men feel? How do you feel? I only ask because personally this bothers me. And at first I thought, must be kind of a fetish thing. But then as more and more men have pointed that out I wonder if I am taking offense to something I shouldn't be. Am I being too sensitive? Is it just me that when being intimate I want to be completely myself? When you are in a relationship and are that intimate shouldn't the person want just you? But shoot, we talk about how our wigs are accessories so maybe changing out hairstyles/color/length isn't a big deal.

What are your thoughts and feelings?

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I'll keep my reply somewhat brief because there has been quite a bit of discussion about these matters -- here and here, for example -- on

I agree wholeheartedly with John on this one, though I must add that I'm certainly not to be counted amount "the vast majority" of men Mari has encountered. Although my fiancee, Cheryl, has always been altogether lovely to me, neither her alopecia or her preferred bald look has been the main or basic reason I'm attracted to her and love her so. Neither is an issue per se when it comes to any aspect of our love life, but if it were, Cheryl would have good reason to to be as concerned as Mari.

So no, Mari, you are not being "too sensitive." And yes, Mari, you should want to be with a man whose more into you than the prurient possibilities he sees in/on your alopecic or bald head. But don't let such shallow men get you down; you encounter them so often because most men -- and most women -- take shallow and silly approaches to their so-called intimate relationships. The key is to not only wait patiently for your Mr. Right, but to also make sure that your own maturity and growth has prepared you to recognize and appreciate a truly good man who's truly a man of substance.

Hi, I do not want to offend you, but I guess being bold does not have anything to do in the intimacy. There are to many factors before that in a relationship that boldness could affect. If a man notice your boldness until you are in bed....then he just was just looking for some....and men who do that does not care if you are bold or not...
Thanks Josh :) This helps!
"There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion." ~ Francis Bacon
I have never been intimate with a woman with alopecia though I have known women with the condition. I doubt that a lover's hair or lack of hair would be that great a factor for me in any intimate relationship. Love and romance work at many levels. I have found the bald look attractive for at least 40 years, but I don't look for bald women to date. These mattes work in subtle ways.

Mari's photographs on her profile reveal a pretty woman whom I find very attractive. Is that my fetish for bald women at work? Probably, but, in a way, so what? I would not exploit her and I assume she is strong enught to see through manipulations of men who would exploit her. I do think that people with a bald fetish--heck know--do come here to look. Is that harmful? Well, yes and no. Life is complex.

What happens here, however, is positive for members of the community that suffers from alopecia (and I know that it is not something anyone wished to have to wanted to have), but there are worse fates.

Everyone has little sexual roadmaps. Just don't press them to the point of violating another human beings's wellness and esteem. I most certainly don't want to be with someone because of some prurient possibilities. In other words, though we all are possible victims of such interests, most human beings are all also possible lovers with a keen for healthy intimach.
I for one do not look at a woman's hair, nor other body parts. I look at her, what is in her heart, her mind, how she works around others, how she dresses, cares for her self, and more important what she thinks of me.

A woman with hair is the same as a woman without hair. There is nothing that puts them apart, not even hair.

If they are not their self then they are not their self. Hair has nothing to do with being a woman, nor who you are.

When a woman without hair opens her eyes in the morning, she sees the same thing a woman with hair sees ..... Her self and a crazy World around her.

So, seeing a woman without hair as something more sexual is to say the World is "flat".

Would I be seen with a woman without hair, why not. What is it which sets her apart from a woman with hair. Is she no less a woman, does she do things differently, does she act differently, do she feel differently, does she love, does she care differently ..... NO ..... NO ..... NO ..... NO ..... NO .....

She is no different than a woman with hair. It is only her who makes the decision not the man is out with.

OK,, You worry that men will not like you bald, you go out with a man that is Ok with you being bald and in fact thinks bald is sexy. Then you say, hey, you must be weird or something. I throw my hands in he air and say screw it, you are impossible.
To me, if a woman is comfortable enough to take off her wig for you when she probably wouldn't be comfortable taking it off for anyone else, it makes a guy feel important. And every dude wants that. It also shows she isn't afraid to do something different like you said. I don't think the wigs should be a huge problem. It's just another article of clothing to change and incorporate in relations.
Well Mari, If a man can accept baldness in a woman then the woman will be viewed like others. What I mean to say is that there sexy fetishes that can be applied to bald women with or with out wigs but don't forget that there are fetishes related to everyone. White, black, asian, indian, short, tall, blonde brunette, and red head. When people look at people they don't know, thinking about their sexual desires, there is a fetish for all people. When one gets to know another then things get personal and compound beyond the base fetish. I put it to you that if a man "doesn't mind," he can justas easily fall for you as he would anyone else.



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