Heyy eveyone!!

So this isnt so much a discussion i really just wanted to share my testimony but if u have any questions or anything than feel free to comment!!


Okayy well first off my name is Amy, im 19 (turning 20 in 2 weeks lol) 

soo about 4 years ago i was diagnosed with Alopecia. Within 3 weeks of being diagnosed i went from having a full head of very long hair to having next to noo hair at all and having to buy my first wig!! The doctors had told me that based on the pattern of my hair loss that i was going to have Alopecia Universalis and to just start getting use to the fact that i wasnt going to get my hair back :(

It was, hands down, the hardest thing i have ever had to deal with to this day!

I wasnt a Christian back then tho, when i was diagnosed with aa i was a very troubled, lost and depressed girl!! I had gotten myself involved with drugs, drinking, boys (and bad ones at that) and everything else that comes along with that lifestyle. 

Having gone through all that, especially loosing my hair, i really began to doubt Gods existence!! Now i was raised a Catholic my whole life so i knew about God and Jesus and all that but i really turned away from it when i had lost my hair.


My best friend had gotten saved and started attending this Christian church, she invited me out, and i had absolutely no intentions of getting saved or nething becuase i didnt even really believe in God! After that service everything changed-i dont need to get into all the details because im trying to make this short lol but i knew at that momnet that i was sinner apart from God and that i needed Him in my life! So on Febuary 22 2009 i got saved! Now the story doesnt end there.

I was wearing a wig and no one knew, of course some ppl could tell and they would ask questions but i would lie to cover it up. One day we had a Pastor come down from the states to do a revival. At the end of the service he asked if anyone wanted to get healed and to come to the front, now i was new to the church and no one knew about my aa so i decided not to go up but rather to cry out to God in my seat and ask to be healed. And God came through! I knew at that moment that God had healed me and i was crying with joy! Now there was no way to prove at that very moment that God had healed me because its not like my hair grew right at that very moment! 

Within 3-4 months i was able to take off my wig and i got hair extensions-my hair was appox at my ears. When i had prayed for healing i was 80% bald and the hair i did hav was appox 1inch long. so about another 3-4 months after wearing my hair extentions i was able to take them off and my hair was fully grown in and down to my shoulders!! Praise God!!!!!

Since then i havent had any issues with hair loss!!!

Despite what the doctors had told me God healed me!

I dont doubt for a moment that it was God who had healed me!!


and you know everyone in this group is a Christian, just as God healed me fully and redeemed me from my life of sin, He is able to do that to you too!! the bible says that He heals all diseases, not just some!

dont treat Alopecia as a terminal disease God is able to heal us, we just have to have faith, not doubting His ability at alll!!!


I really look forward to hearing from you guys!!


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Great Testimony Amy, God Bless You!

Praise the Lord!  God is good!  I pray that it happens for us all!  Keep us updated.


Happy Holidays to all of my AA family

I know God heals but I had just about accepted my granddaughter's alopecia as His will.  Your testimony has truly encouraged me.  Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the testimony Amy, very encouraging :) God is able!

My dear child, your testimony was really inspiring! I'm a grandma with alopecia and I wear wigs. I've been praying for years for God to heal me, but my wigs are the next best thing! Whether He heals me or not, I'll still serve Him the best way that I can. He's healed me from other diseases and sicknesses in times past, so I'm well aware of His healing power. I do alot of church and charity work also to help others out with similar problems like mine. I volunteer for our local Cancer Services and am in charge of their wigs now. Have a blessed holiday season and may He continue to use you in a mighty way!

Your testimony just inspired me to not give up,so thank you. I'm coming up to the four year mark of me being diagnosed with alopecia and for a long time after I first started losing hair I had this really strong feeling that everything would be ok in the end, and that God would eventually heal me or show me why this had happened for the greater good in my life. A little while back I realised that I didn't have this certainty about my situation anymore, and your testimony just really helped. Thank you so much for sharing. Love and God Bless x
Arm, thank you so much for that wonderful story! I love the Lord and know what he can do. I find myself thanking him more then asking, but I'm going to ask him to help me with this. I sometimes get so depress and I know it's not good for the regrowth. I fight so hard, but I will now pray harder then I fight. Thank you.
This is encouraging, but I would caution all not to expect a physical healing and to hinge your faith on that. A year ago I was very literally fighting for my life and was losing my hair to boot. Since then the exact diagnosis was given (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) and I am on proper treatment. My hair has also grown back. I do believe that I will be healed but ultimately it is for God's glory, lest anyone should boast.

Now I'm, going to speak as a teacher of the Bible. The healing spoken of in James 5 is actually speaking of spiritual healing. In those cases, it is ALWAYS God's will to bring healing and restoration. This goes along with 2 Peter 3:9 in which we read that God is not willing that any should perish, but all come into repentance. Sometimes, God is revealed more through being with us during our trials than taking our trials away. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo weren't spared the fiery furnace. Daniel wasn't spared the lion's den. Noah wasn't spared the flood. 11 of the 12 (Stephan replaced Judas as one of the 12) were not spared martyrdom. The list goes on. God's character is not to remove our trials, but to be with us through them.

If you don't know who Joni Erikson Tada is, I suggest you look her up. She has been paralyzed from the neck down since she was 18. I'm sure she's in her 50s now. She gave her life to Christ in that wheelchair. She has ministered to hundreds of thousands from that wheelchair. She has testified before congress AGAINST stem cell research while she was wheelchair bound. God has used her POWERFULLY in ways He never could have if she was not in that wheelchair.

God's will is ultimately sovereign. Can He heal? Absolutely, He is omnipotent. Will He heal? That is for Him to determine. If all Christians were instantly healed of all ills, everyone would become a Christian, wouldn't they? He wants us to draw near unto Him for who He is, not what we want Him to give us. One last thought: for the Christian, the ultimate PHYSICAL healing is actually death. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. This is where we receive our new, glorified, uncorruptible bodies. In all things, we are to praise Him! I'm sure it wasn't easy for Peter and Silas to sing praises to God in prison, but they did (Acts 16). Our suffering draws us closer to Christ, who suffered so much for us. Thank Him that He paid a debt He didn't owe to pay the price you couldn't pay!
Andrea, what an awesome and powerful response. I have suffered from alopecia since I was 11, I am now 42 and I truly believe that God is using me to minister to others and get the support group in NC started back up again. Thanks for your encouraging words from the Bible. He is the ultimate Healer and in one way or another He will heal us all.
Wow, amen, girl. I don't know you, obviously, but my daughter ReRe was bald too. No eyelashes, eyebrows, body hair, etc. I went through a crazy and hard road but I sought healing. It was the most horrible and yet the most beautiful thing that I've gone through. I hope to soon post pictures of my little girl, who is now 6 y/o. I too changed my life. I too began attending church and seeking a relationship w/Jesus. ALL the doctors we'd see would say the same thing. I'd cry so bad. But just like you, my boo was healed (I claimed it). People would think I was going coo coo, even my own husband. God reached his arm to me. His arms are not too short and never full for us.
I am praising God for you AMEN!!!!! I am claimimg healing too!!!
Wow - God is sooo Good! Thank you for sharing your testimony on here, I am a Christian Mum with a daughter with AU.
She was diagnosed in March 2010 with AA and then just before Christmas she was told she had AU. It is sad to see so many with this, but I am thankful it is not cancer!! What is also hard is to explain to my daughter that is not anything she has done (God is not punishing her) as she did think this! But we can look to him for guidance & comfort, despite the grim outcome the Doctor's often give! One day she will be healed... When one is having a sad day - I am glad there is scripture to hold onto to give us some comfort, & encouragement in these trialing days!
Bless You



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