Does anyone know any good wig boutique in grater Toronto, I used to get my old wigs from continental hair but it looks like they don't have the old wigs any more and the new ones are way expensive.

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Thank you Wisel for your advise I got my first wig from Gabi but I didn't like the work of their hair designer it was very unprofessional my second and third wigs with Continental was very expensive and both wigs had some problem with cap specially the second one had a very good hair but very uncomfortable cap and they still carry the same wigs you should either get a good cap with unprocessed hair or the good processed hair (they are very natural beautiful and manageable hair) with hot plastic cap. Would you please let me know where I can get Follea in Toronto. I truly appreciate your respond.

Hi Sue,
I have had several clients of mine (I sell Freedom Wigs in Toronto) come in with a hairpiece from Gabis and I thought they looked great. I also have a list of hair stylists if you need to get your hairpiece cut that I would be happy to share.
Good luck with your search.
Jenn Krahn

Thank you so much Jennifer, I love freedom hair they look so natural I've seen all their videos but they are very expensive and it takes a very long time to get them and right now my wig is wearing off. I hope one day I would have enough to get freedom hair.

Hey Sue,
It does take some time to order a Freedom piece. But do let me know if you need a hairdresser for your hairpiece as I have a list of them from clients. Warm Wishes to you.

Thank you Jennifer your are so kind I will and right now I am looking for follea hair and if I have too I will go to US to find one, I wish Wisel would reply sooner to know where she got hairs.

I find Paula Young to be very nice and economical, but limited in styles for a petite head like mine.

Thank you so much Brandy I am agree with you Paula is very nice and loving and is close to Gabi but what Paula do is buying cheep machine work wigs which they are all size medium cap and alter it to make it to your own size then she change it into lace front and side front lace which would wear off fast and you have to take it back for repair. Unfortunately we don't have many option in Toronto which is so sad.

Dear Brandy I went to Paula but all she had was medium cap size which I think she buys it in bulk. I don't like my wig to be re-size specially the cap she has they are all machine made and when yo put it on it will be bulky at the back which I hated, she also add lace front and sides which is good but the wig will be ruined so fast. I tried follea they are very light and very natural you can ponytail and put it behind your ear but very very expensive. Thank you so much for the respond.

Paula Young is an online catalogue wig shop.
They do not have any physical stores, only call/order centres and warehouses.

Hi Sue. Have you gone to see Juliet at The Hair Prosthesis Centre? (Bathurst and Glencairn)

No Cathie but I've been at Gabie and Continental and Paula; and if you think is worth the trip I wouldn't mind. Thank you.

I will be in Toronto and Ottawa in October for Freedom Wig consultations. If you or someone you know in the area is interested in a fitting or free consult please get in touch.



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