Hi All,

I'm new to this group but not to wigs. After trying expensive human hair pieces for several years, i found synthetics I like, and finally learned about adding my own silicon to make them secure. Life is better!

However, i notice the synth hair doesn't last as long.

Does anyone have advice for avoiding or fixing the severe splitting/frizzing that happens where hair rubs your neck or shoulders? 

Are there brands that seem to hold up better? 

It was such a relief to find less expensive pieces, now i want to make them last.

All your advice is much appreciated! Thank you.


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You can repair the frizz in synthetics but have to be VERY careful, Sally's Beauty sells a product called "Ion silk drops". It is a silicone that can help with the frizzing before it happens ( I rinse with a few drops in the water every time I wash it) and can also eliminate the frizz once it starts. 

You MUST keep the wig very wet to do this, but if you apply a small amount of the silk drops to the section of hair you want to repair, then take a flat iron set at the lowest temperature and QUICKLY iron the wet fiber it will eliminate the frizz. The problem is that it straightens the hair also. If you do not like the straight hair, you can re-set with Hot rollers. I use Caruso, (SP?) because they are steam curlers. Set the hair in the direction you want it to go then let it cool entirely before removing the curler. This is the hardest part of the process, but practice on old wigs and you can get good at it. 

Also, I find that if I never actually comb or brush the wig, just pick it out with a pick-comb, the wig lasts twice as long. We tend to think if we brush more we will make it look more natural, but it also breaks the fibers. Good luck. 

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