What are Yaffa wigs? I have a Follea Gripper Sport and like it but it was quite the process getting it to look like me. I'm waiting on my Freedom Wig from New Zealand. I hope it's easier to style than the Gripper.

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You will love your Freedom wig. I am on my second Freedom piece. I have been to the stylist twice and have to go one more time to make it more "me" but otherwise, once you get it cut for you, the styling is great. WITH proper product. I never had my own hair (well, not since age three) so I knew nothing about curling irons, hair products... EEEK. Getting the right product and styling advice made alll the difference in the world to me. I tried on a Follea Gripper but the hair did not move like growth hair. Fit was great. But hair quality was not the best. I am looking for a breathable quality human hair piece to supplement my Freedom piece. Is there such a thing? A breathable base, cuticle ON quality human hair.. anywhere? anybody got that? I am really picky. The hair must be non processed.

Why is it hard to style ?

Alice: I should explain... FREEDOM wigs are not hard to style. They are just like growth hair.  But because they do cost so much and don't grow, I get them cut/styled extremely cautiously.  I like to play with the style a bit, and figure out what more I want, like the bangs a little shorter, or even the length. Or maybe more layering. There is nothing worse than getting a piece you love, and having a hair stylist cut it just a tad too short.

OH... I just re read this post. Were you asking Leslie why her Gripper was hard to style?  I'll let her answer that one.  (IMO, it's cuz the hair is processed)



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