Urgent: Seeking longer style wigs with more density. Can you recommend brand(s) that are fuller?

Hi Everyone. I have an urgent need and hope you can help! I am seeking affordable wig and hairpiece brands that are fuller than average and come with a little more density. (The ones I've tried are too fine and thin.) I currently wear long layered hair with long "bangs", color reddish brown, a custom piece i can no longer afford. If I switch to the new silkier hair w/lower density, the difference will be too abrupt. I would like to transition to lighter piece in a more subtle gradual way. 

Does anyone have ANY suggestions please? Thanks so much! Need is immediate (within next 2 wks.)

PS  I'm aware I can add wefts in back to make longer and fuller, but what I really need to find immediately is a base that's fuller in front and on top.

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Have you tried qdp premier wigs? I get all mine from them now. A 22 inch is about $230

I'm not sure what your budget is, but you should check out this wig:


Thank you for sending. This is a lovely piece, but unfortunately out of my budget. I wear custom pieces now and can no longer afford these prices. I am on a much more limited budget now and still need to find a way to wear decent hair. I cannot leave my house without it. If you have additional ideas and suggestions in more density (120%-130% if possible) ready-made wigs (human and synthetic) and 3/4 pieces please let me know. Thanks!

I've bought a couple of these, but they require tape and that can be annoying/painful:


I've gotten this cap: CAP-002 (full lace with a little stretch from ear to ear no PU)

This is the tape I've used: http://www.genesehair.com/super-tape-lace-front-shape-36-pcs/

I also like Jon Renau styles (http://www.jonrenau.com/wigs). The synthetic ones are cheaper, but they don't last as long. 

Have you tried the Shilo by Noriko? I feel like it is a lot of hair in the front and on top. It's LONG and lovely.

Quick question: are these wigs secure? Do you need tape or glue, or do they stay on by themselves? I'm def in the market for something secure and good looking that doesn't break the bank. Thanks!

These need tape: http://www.wigsroyal.com/ 
Here's the tape: http://www.genesehair.com/super-tape-lace-front-shape-36-pcs/

But once taped, you can wear a high-ponytail or a bun. You can also go swimming. :)

Jon Renau does not need tape, but they aren't as secure: http://www.jonrenau.com/wigs)

Thank you for sending for the link! I am caucasian and these seem to be for African American hair. I probably should have added that distinction. If you know other ideas, by all means let me know. Thanks!

Keep looking at the site. I am Hispanic and wear the Malaysian virgin straight hair which is like Caucasian hair. They sent me an email the other day with their eBay pieces I'll look for the email now

PS  I should add that I am caucasian and looking for moderately priced full or 3/4 wigs, human and synthetic, medium heavy density - 120% - 130%. I have an immediate need so hoping to find a source that stocks and ships from the US, rather than China. In case anyone knows about this...

Oh sorry. They're in China but have 2day shipping



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