I have a question about glues. I just bought two synthetic wigs yesterday, and I am looking for a glue. The wig store was out. Any good recommendations? I figured I would order online.

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Why do you need glue for a synthetic wig?   ....well, if you do, try Got2b glued......

I'm new to alopecia and wearing a wig, guess I'm worried it will fall off.
Ladies there is a far easier safer better way than glue. Get Dermafix from Wigsite.com You sew a few of these latex like strips inside your wig cap and they are waterproof sweatproof and create a painless vacuum suction seal magnetic like between head skin and wig cap. It binds with the salt in the skin. Yet it's as easy as removing a bandaid when you want to remove the wig. It holds great in water like for swimming. To break the suction you just break the suction with a fingernail It's like removing a magnet from a refrigerator door. Except you don't remove the dermafix I never use glues or tapes. I sleep and swim in my wigs
Thank u
I cannot find this on their site or anywhere actually. My wig store has never heard of them either. Of course now that you told me about them I must have them. Can you give me a link?
I currently wear a gripper, but I had a synthetic wig, someone on here said she uses Got2b glued (yes it's a hair gel) well I tried it and boy does it work! To remove I just took a wet washcloth and wet it real good, because it's meant to wash out of your hair it's not waterproof but it seemed to be sweat proof, I was very surprised how well it held and super easy because it's available at any drugstore, Walmart,or target.



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