Hi there,
Does anybody have any experience of yaffa wigs, I have been looking at these on the internet and am interested in buying one.

Would love to know how anybody has got on with these.



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I had one like two years ago, when my hair started to get patchy, funny thing is I never knew it was a Yaffa wig, I did't know anything about wigs at that time and the lady at the salon i visited happened to have one in a color very similar to my real hair so I bought it for $1,000 and loved it. I have to be honest and say that i didn't really take care of that wig, I slept with my wig on, washed it frequently, blow dry it, use hot irons on it and 6 months after the hair was still nice and silky, so I think it would have lasted long but I took it to a stylist for a cut just because I got tired of the same cut and then I didn't like it anymore.

I know some people get Yaffa wigs from www.yaffawigsoutlet.com and they're happy with them (I've never ordered one), but they have so many styles to choose from I don't know what the differences are. The one I got had a completely hand tied cap, which I loved when I lost all my hair.

Hope that helps...

yes i always use yaffa wigs after years an years of wasted money on horrible poor qualit wigs i have finally found the perfect wigs x and they are very help full u can get them custom fitted

from sharon
I just looked at their website and some of their wigs are stunning! I love them! I guess this is one of the upsides of hairloss. ;-)
Do you know if they have an actual store where a person can go and try on wigs, or does the company soley operate over the internet?
Hi, Starr, I've been wearing Yaffa wigs for a couple of years- and have bought them from Samantha at http://stores.ebay.com/YAFFA-WIGS-OUTLET . She is incredibly helpful and will work with you to find the colour/cap/length and style you want at a price that is right. She is happy to ship worldwide. The European hair they use is wonderful and she is able to get caps resized, highlights added, extra hair added etc- whatever you want- at a very reasonable price.

Welshcakes and I went to their Brooklyn Salon last week -I think they are currently a bit short of stock (in all the colour ranges) but had some fabulous wigs and were happy for us to try them for as long as we wanted. They let you help yourself to coffee and tea. The salon was working at full speed- washing/styling/colouring/perming. All very professional yet friendly and approachable. I think they also have a salon in Florida. And soon are to have an outlet in North London, UK.

I would highly recommend working with Samantha! I have tried other companies and her customer service is hard to beat.
Hi Starr,
This is my first year wearing a wig. It was a very big decision to make that choice, and I am happy I did it. I also went to the Brooklyn store when I was visiting NY. I tried on the Renaissance, which they sometimes have a sale on. But I chose the Infinity and I have been very happy with it. I bought it in January, and it is still silky soft, especially after washing it. It looks natural, and it is a long length that I wanted. I had it colored more and cut with bangs. The style now is very similar to Anne Hathaway's in Devil Wears Prada. I will continue to use Yaffa in the future.
I have had good and bad luck with Yaffa wigs .. the first one I purchased was great but a little kinky and I could not blow dry it straight ..so .. I bought another one and the hair fell out really fast (hmmmm, deja vu? lol) I bought these from the same person thru ebay - not cheap either. SO I decided to try another - it takes awhile fro me to learn! - this one was very heavy and too large for my head so... I am back to tried and true synthetic for now. My yaffa wigs were processed hair so if I tried to color them they would not turn out right color and always had brassiness shades to them ... I was told it was because of this being processed hair, Good luck on your venture.
yaffa's are probably the best product out there. i have spent more on other companies, and have been thrilled, but for a quarter of that price you can get a beautiful piece from yaffa. i have not been to their brooklyn salon, because i deal with samantha via ebay...but she is the best. she will answer your endless questions, help you with color, sizing, highlights...etc. she bends over backwards to make you happy. good luck...she has all prices points too. paula



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