I have received a lot of interest from others on here in my involvement with the Xeljanz trials at Yale.

I thought it would be nice for everyone if I documented my progress on here. 

Xeljanz is a Jak3 inhibitor and is believed to work with alopecia by turning off the distress signal relayed by the hair follicle to the attacking immune system which is the cause of the hairs falling out. Xeljanz comes in a strength of 5mg per pill and a full box contains 60 tablets. The recommended dosage for arthritis is 1 tablet in the morning and another in the evening each day.

The trial is set in a series of stages and there are requirements before participating. These include monthly visits and blood tests every 2 weeks. Dr Brett King is absolutely fantastic and is an inspiration to me. His positivity and enthusiasm gives me the much needed hope I have craved for over a decade. I have been put on a low dose to start with which is 1 tablet every other day. My dosage has now been increased to 1 tablet every day and next month it could be increased to 2 tablets per day depending on the results. 

I have completed my first month and have already noticed my alopecia has stabilised . I have not lost any existing hairs. In addition to this I have seen little hairs growing in my chest area as well as eyebrows. Fingers crossed! To date, I have experienced no side effects.


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Thank you for your reply 

I have an appointment on Monday with yet another dermatologist, so i will let you know what she thinks... Because my previous doctor insist on biopsy only and still telling me that Rogaine is the only one miracle-solution.

I am afraid of biopsy. I am sure it will not grow back, and I know that experienced doctor who knows your history could tell you the reason of hair thinning and loss without biopsy.

I hope I will be prescribed with xeljanz, because this results leave me hope. Otherway I don't see any positivity in my whole situation. I'm sure you all hate me already, but this is such a painful experience.. I know you all have so much worse to survive then I am going through right now, but I'm not as strong as you are guys... I'm sitting at home all the time, and go outside only for emergency and work. I stopped enjoy workouts. With all my fitness experience and goals for flat abs, I received loss of periods, almost bald head, highest cholesterol with xanthomas and so far with such a lazy workouts i lost that shreded body I was fighting for and made all my restrictions for. My life went to nowhere all that time. God hates me. 

I don't see a way back. 

If on Monday that doctor will tell me that rogaine is my option, I will snap. Because I'm hearing about it for two years and sure it's not for me. But if She will tell that I just give up, with everything, I will not do anything anymore. I will calmly fall down. 

Nice head of hair and eyebrows too! I completely understand your fears. My hair is coming in curly and thick. I'm constantly shaking it to see if any falls out!I I remember telling my girlfriend that if my hair grew back I would be the happiest person in the world. But now that it's grown back, I'm plagued with the fear that it could all suddenly fall out again and I would be completely bald and starting over. Or getting sick and having to stop the medication! Having a set back can be devastating.

Carlie are you on Xeljanz?

At least it's back.. And it's curly, and shakeable :) 

You are happy. But. I still can't understand destiny. Why? You supposed to live with this fear forever. Why you? Why we? What kind of lesson is it? Are we so sinful, are we made such a bad things in life? Why this torture? How could I stay religious, believe in God and hope for bet if he does it to me? He doesn't hear me. He put me through this experience for what?... Have you ever question yourself? Also, I hate when people say:"well, now you are struggling, but then you will have something amazing and you will appreciate this experience". whaaa? 

I could not imagine what possibly should happen for me to say :"yep, definitely worth it!"

Mine came back curly too! I’m having to learn how to style it in ways I’d never had to before. But it’s thick and I’m so grateful. Totally understand the anxiety - but I found with myself the longer I had the hair the less anxious I was. When I had a shed I thought I would be terrified but after the first week or so the anxiety left and I had this sense of calm. In my mind I thought- well if it falls I know it can grow back. It won’t all fall out and you know you respond. 



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