I got paper work /a form to fill out from the Medical company that makes Xeljanz,they will probably cover the entire cost of the drug,I've seen over 5dermatologists and other doctors none will write the script for it.Does anyone know of a doctor in Pennsylvania that will write me a script for it. Sincerely spring

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Right now it is impossible to get a dermo written script approved by insurance I went thru it for over a year until I was diagnosed with R A even then I had to go thru a procedure I am currently getting the medicine for free and have been takeing Two 5 mg tablets a day and have hair regrowth on my face and inside my nose my doctor told me it takes 3 and a half months to get into you're system Good Luck
Every doctor told me that it wasn't approved for alopecia only rheumatoid arthritis from the fda so far.
Hi Spring there is a dermo dr Alexander Doctoroff who tried to get me The Xelljanz but my insurance would not approve it. If you want to give him a try he is affiliated with Columbia U and located in Clarke nj which is northern Nj
Hey Spring, you may have to go to New York and see Dr. Bordone at Columbia University. You never said what type of alopecia you have. Are you AU?
Hi, some one gave me a doctor in Hershey medical center,so I'm going to check it out.I uesd prescription shampoo ,I got a bug bite last year on my shoulder and back of my hair line so in case it was anything gremy(it wasn't,just in case I had blood work done for everything me and my Dr could think of)I had an allergic reaction to it as I was washing it my hair fell out in clumps,then they foundskin cancer(that's all gone now)anyway, I put the shampoo on a spot on my srm amd two spots on my legs the hair fell out only in the spots in put the shampoo.I've been using a low light level red laser hair brush,I've had regrowth in some spots,I got treatment for the hair loss nothing worked until the laser hair brush.new spots keep filling in,so that is my hair loss issues.thanks for all your information
Have you heard that a expense hair care system called( Wen)shampoo ,and conditioner, has a law suit against them ,over three hundred people experienced extreme hair loss after using that product one or more

Spring contact Dr. Baird at Hershey Medical Center

Hi, thank you for giving me dr. Baird at Hershey medical center.,What type of doctor is he/she??,A dermatologist or something else.thank you I will check it out



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