This post is to discuss my experience thus far taking Xeljanz. I am not trying to discourage anyone for taking Xeljanz. And I am happy for those that are responding and growing hair on Xeljanz.

First a little background on me. I have been dealing with alopecia all my life, since I was 7 years old (I am 43 now) For the vast majority of my life it was only AA with one or two spots. Sometimes they were large spots but most of the time not really hard to hide. It got worse after college, but still I could manage to hide the spots. It wasn't until my early 30's it got really bad , but by my mid 30's my hair got better. As a matter of fact, I practically had a full head of hair when I was 41. My method of treatment was shots and topicals (steroids and minoxidil). I have usually responded very well to the treatment...meaning the spots would regrow hair on the treated areas.

It was January 2015 I started to lose hair rapidly and by May 2015 I lost the vast majority of my hair. I tried several different treatments...DPCP, Cyclosporine. DPCP didn't work at all. However, Cyclosporine worked and I started to grow hair again. This was the summer of 2015. However once I stopped the cyclosporine I lost everything again.

My doctor got me on Xeljanz March 2016. Both topical and pills. Within about 2-2.5 months in I saw hair growing on my sides and temples and facial hair. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. At first, it was white hairs and soon they turned dark brown. This continued until late July-early August. I could see little sprouts of hair on the crown and back of my head. However, By mid-August, I lost most of the new hairs that grew back.

I am now on month 7 and I am seeing a regression in the hair growth particularly the sprouts of hair. I am not sure why it has regressed as I am taking anywhere from 2-3 pills a day and layering the topical twice a day. I am almost feeling hopeless again as I thought Xeljanx was the answer. I plan on continuing taking the pills for next 2 years. I will continue to update this post.

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JAK inhibitors are the answer, as they have been chosen based on 4 years of immuno-genetic researches not by chance. Some people, mostly women, faced your situation and got it fixed after upping the dosage. Do you take any ther drug beside xeljanz?
I am a male and the only drug I am only using is xeljanz...both pill form and topical solution...once a month I get injections in my eyebrows..all I know is that so far (7 months) I have seen very little results...and the results I did have are mostly gone...I have not stopped taken the drug at any point since i last doctor's appointment she was so disappointed in the results she wanted me to stop taking the pills and only do topical...since my insurance covers 100% of the cost of the drug I am willing to continue to take the pill...however as I stated I have very little results to show so far
I am sorry to hear that mate, but some people might need maximum dose of 4 pills a day to see any result. Hope researchers can do something about this relapse. Here is a report that might resemble your case, find the full article there are valuabe info included.

is it no possible did you use too much? 

i'm referin g 2-3 pills more topicals appears too much, why your doctor decided to take so high before to try only whit 2 pills or only whit topical?

the topical did you use a lot of or only in little skin?

I had some decent hair growth in sides and temples within 2 months..however I lost most of that regrowth about 1 month ago...I use the topical 2x a the morning and at night

where did you put the topical in all head? because i always read it is good only for little sectors 

I apply all over but mainly on top and the crown areas

Thank you i think you put too much xelijanz and it caused now this effect ...

P.s. i'm seeing very good facts whit low dose naltrexone(in the facebook group ldn and alopecia it is working in a lot of people) ...of course if you'll decide for ldn you must before stop immunosopressor like xelijanz.

I am starting my 8 month of Xeljanz and it seems now my eyebrows are losing hair..Not sure what to do now...I am not sure if I stay on Xeljanz anything will change...
I am on month five on Xeljanz and not seeing any growth on my head. I am seeing more body hair. I saw my doctor yesterday and she said to hang in there and give it more time. I guess I am a slow responder.



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