Hi, it's Valeri,(Xeljanzmiracle). After reading over 1000 replies on ADML's post, the main concern for those wanting to try Xeljanz seems to be the cost. ($2000-$3000 a MONTH. This is why I'm adding this post. REGARDLESS OF YOUR INCOME, call Xelsource (Pfizer's support program) for Xeljanz. You might qualify to get the drug FREE or at a HUGE DISCOUNT even if you make up to $90,000 a year!There are also co-pay cards for Xeljanz you can download on the internet REGARDLESS OF YOUR INSURANCE SITIATION,that allow you to receive Xeljanz for free or at a discount. Let's face it, this drug is SO expensive that after all of our monthly expenses MOST OF US can't afford it without some help. I qualified to get it for free because of my super low income, but don't automatically rule yourself out. Just CALL and request the forms to enroll in their Xelsource Program. (855) 493-5526.

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Who told you that you are AU? Have you lost your scalp hair, as well as eyebrows, eyelashes and other body hair? AU is autoimmune and thus will respond to Xeljanz.

Yes...lost all my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes...within 3 months.  Have have read about Xelijanz and of course I could never afford it and even if I could I am very worried about all the side effects and the thought of shutting down my immune system really scares me.  I am hoping they come out with a topical Xelijanz that would be effective. It is a very difficult disease to have and I struggle every single day. :(

I received my denial letter from my insurance and it explicitly says that I will not be covered for xeljanz because I have Alopecia and Xeljanz is experimental for Alopecia. 

Will xelsource care that the letter says that?



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