I am starting Xeljanz soon (bloods being checked etc). While looking online like we all do I came across this website offering it in a topical. I like many Alopecians are vulnerable to a scam, and nothing seems more scammy then having to pay in bitcoin and no accepting of PayPal ect...

So has anyone ordered from this company? What was your experience?

Thanks in advance.

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I do not think you can buy the real topical product as of yet, It might still be in clinical trials. My daughter has been on Xeljanz for a year and is having good results. She has AU and was without any hair for over 4 years and is responding to Xeljanz. Good luck and stay in touch.

My derm told me this morning that Xeljanz topical is still in trials and will possibly be available by prescription within the next year. And, it probably will be as expensive as Xeljanz (about $500 or so per month.)

When it does become available, there will be plenty of TV commercials about it.

Please do your reading about Xeljanz. It does help grow hair back, but only as long as you take it. You stop it and within a few months, the hair falls out again.
Thank you guys both for responding. Yes I know the Xeljanz is a forever thing if it works and your body can cope
With it. I'm just hoping it does work for me and if so, at least for me, the costs are worth it. I am reasonably lucky as I have connections overseas and a very helpful doctor who allows me to legally import Xeljanz which makes it a little cheaper (still expensive) and that my hubby and I can afford it. I have long term plans of being on it and know that going off it will probably mean I go back to the start all over again. Funnily enough I've have two bouts of AA prior which went into quick and natural remission. Following a hellish year health wise last year this time round I've lost it all so it's a very strange disease. I also have hashimotos and have issues with being too skinny and dropping weight on DMARDS and prednisone so we'll see how I go. Thanks so much for responding- I'm just trying to soak up all the info I can get on these treatments going forward.

Hello. I am sure that operations with coins should be protected. So I always use the darknet bitcoin mixer. This is a very convenient and reliable service that helps to anonymize the data on coins. Just throw your coins into the pool and you get clean coins without binding.

Please tell me what a bitcoin mixer has to do with alopecia or xeljanz ...

And should I pay more attention to those issues if I only use cryptocurrencies on this dice website? I don't know much about blockchain and principles of its work so if you give me a few tips, that would be nice.

If you want I can tell you couple of things about blockchain and crypto gambling in general. What'd you like to know?

hi hagster - I emailed and didn’t get a response- so I avoided them. There are encouraging signs with oral toficitinib May drop in price soon, I think when this happened topical will become more doable and more will offer it.  I wonder if you could mix the oral version with a carrier like DMSO if it would be absorbed? This is totaly conjecture on my part  as I am taking it orally and think I’ll be doing that route instead of topically for the foreseeable future. And I wouldn’t ever do bitcoin for it... personally that would worry me if the seller was asking for bitcoin... I have bought overseas and have always paid normally.

I have never tried to order from them, but since they do not accept PayPal, but the only cryptocurrency, it is better not to risk it and not to order anything from them. On Alabama gambling news you can find many stories of cryptocurrency fraud. So beware.



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