Hi All--

I have been reading your many posts over the past year as I have been struggling with what is now my 3rd relapse of AA. The first two (back in 2007 and 2008) resulted in rapid regrowth, and by 2010 I had all my hair back again. This time around has been a whole other nightmare.

I noticed the first signs of a relapse in December 2012, and almost exactly one year later, I shaved my head because I couldn't hide things with extensions anymore. I have been watching some very slow regrowth over the past 6  months, but now my eyebrows, eyelashes and most other body hair are disappearing.

Strangely, there is still some regrowth on my head. Is this the indication that I have progressed to AU, or is there hope for possible regrowth? Once it hits your body hair, is that it? Or has anyone gotten to that point, but gone into remission again? 

I was gradually coming to accept the loss of hair on my head, but losing my eyebrows and eyelashes is beyond devastating. It is so hard to look normal without them. My eyes have always been my best feature. Now I look in the mirror and just look...ill. 

I want to have some hope--I really do. But I also don't want to grasp onto false hope. I have never been a person prone to depression, but it has kicked in over the past 6 months. I feel so alone, and I wake up each morning wishing I could just go back to bed.

I just got on Zoloft and am beginning to see a therapist (who has AU since 1982). The therapist's goal is to help me gain "acceptance", but I am also not a quitter. I am still searching to discover if there is hope for regrowth. Any stories or advice would be helpful. 


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Dear Susan, I have gone through AU twice. And twice my hair has came back. The first time I did lose my eyelashes and eyebrows. After two years (before head hair regrowth) my eyelashes came back. The eyebrows never fully did. A few stray hairs here and there but certainly not enough to do anything about. The second time I went through AU (which was 12 years later) I did not lose my eyelashes. So don't give up - they came back for me, so they certainly can come back for you!

And as far as eyebrows go, after penciling them in for 14+ years, I finally got them tattooed. Best thing I could ever have done. I highly recommend it.

And even though I have plenty of head hair regrowth now, I continue to have four bare spots, that I worry about.

Lastly, as far as acceptance goes - take it at your own pace. No one else is having the exact same experience as you are - so it's up to you to decide how you are are feeling and what to do about it. And when.

Hugs to you - you are not alone in this.


Hi Susan.  I lost all the hair on my head back in 2011. It started inmy beard and I hed to shave within 5 months. I also lost my eyebrows and eyelashes but had only three other patches on my body.  Over the last 3 years I have regrown nearly all my head hair and my brows and lashes are slowly coming back. I almost look normal now.  The three patches on my body are still the same but have got no bigger.  I went to see one doctor and he told me that I just had to live with it so I havnt tried any treatments and have just been grateful for the progress that I have.

Im hoping that I keep on growing hair and that it doesent come back. So there is hope...  but I spent a full year expecting nothing and believing that this was forever.  Dont stop hoping but make sure you have a good grip on what the worst case scenario could be.

Regards.  carl.

Hi Susan
I'm 25 years old and I lose my all hair in 2 months ago , in my weeding peiroud it was so hopefully to got marry with wig hair style , I use it all time . I told my husband about my hair . But till now he didn't see it . Also I lose my eyebrow and Eyelashes. I start use a lot of make up and use wig ,
But I accept my situation and I try to move on .
Just be hopeful and never give up .

I have been dealing with alopecia areata for almost 30 years.My hair has done a disappearing act, numerous times. I am not completely bald but I have chosen to shave my head because the spots are becoming more difficult to cover up. While I have worn wigs, I find them extremely uncomfortable in the summer.And yes it has affected other body areas, arms, legs, and my private area. My eyebrows and lashes, while still present, are significantly thinner. Over the years, I have tried many different things, to try and promote regrowth. The money, time, and pain, I spent, is a greater price, than I want to pay now,just to get a little hair. So,outside of a miracle from God, I probably will never have a full head of hair again. I am okay with that .I am finally learning to love myself, with, or without hair.

Hi Susan,
My daughter Jaeden was diagnosed in October of 2013... She had her first patch of hairloss when she was 5 and it had regrown but over the last 2 years she has progressed to about 60% hair loss. She is having regrowth in all areas of loss with the exception of her left side above the ear.
I know she gets excited about her hair regrowing but I also know that it is very difficult for her to see herself in the mirror. It breaks my heart every time I see her look at herself and I can tell it is very hard for her to accept. As her mom I feel like I have done something wrong and it's so frustrating to not be able to fix this for her, because moms are supposed to be able to fix everything!
My mother is a nurse in Ohio and has been for 30+ years. She recently had a patient that had AA and by some mistake was given the medication Xel Janz by his/her doctor. Now mind you this patient wasn't to receive the medication but in doing so the patient had total hair regrowth.
We are currently on vacation but Jaeden has an appointment at children's mercy hospital in Kansas City and I am definitely going to inquire about this medication. I think it's worth a try if the end result is regrowth of her hair. If you have a physician that you frequent, maybe this could be an option for you if your health care provider would be on board to at least give it a try. Typically Xel Janz is given to patients who suffer from rhuematory arthritis but if this could be something that would help those who suffer from AA/AU/AT then we need to urge and get the word out to others and medical providers that maybe this could be something used to help those with the conditions.
I will continue to keep you posted and let you know after our visit to her doc. on the 18th!



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