I don't want this post to be taken the wrong way because NO child should have to go through the heartache of not having hair nor should a cancer patient have to deal with hair loss while trying to get through treatment, but what about the average person like myself you suffers from Alopecia Universalis.  My hair is never going to grow back.  I am among the small percentage that have the worse case scenario and a very small chance of my hair growing back.  My nails are severely damaged, I don't have any eyebrows or eyelashes and no insurance company is willing to offer coverage (well maybe $500 which isn't close to the cost).  How do we find help with the cost to look normal?

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I'm right there with you.  Because wigs are considered "cosmetic" insurance won't cover them.  I totally disagree with that thinking. If I could I would lobby congress to change this. Same with eye glasses and dentists.  Not fair.

You buy an affordable wig, learn how to do your eyebrows and make up the best way possible for your condition and then walk out with a smile on your face and don’t worry about the rest.

I know exactly what you are feeling. I myself have AU. I have resorted to purchasing basic human hair wigs which allow me to style them. For my eyebrows i use a waterproof eyeliner.  Have you tried getting a dermatologist to write a script for cranial prosthesis? 

My dermatologist wrote a script.  I didn't bother to turn it into medicare or private insurance.  I knew what the answer would be.

I did get a script with letters from a dermatologist. Gone through numerous appeals that end with nothing. Very frustrating. 

Hi, please look at my profile.

Hello we like to provide a free wig if you need it,I think it will helps before your hair grow again.



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