I wanted to report that I have been giving out a website and the prices have just increased about 15%. They are still a great deal but I am also ordering from a new site call Van Hair Art. Has anyone tried this site? I will let you know how they compare. They are about 20% cheaper.

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Darn, just when I am about to place my first order, talk about bad timing. Did you at one time order a glueless lace wig for your daughter? What was wrong with it?

Did you by any chance order the lace wig with thin skin injected hair on this new site? It looks like a topper to me.


They negotiated some and I still think their price is good. I did end up placing an order but I also placed one with the other company that was cheaper, I will let you know which is better.The glueless lace wig just did not fit right so we sent it back. We have not ordered thin skin.

It is still a good deal. I am trying a new site that is a little cheaper. I will let you know how the quality is. I ordered again from them also.

Karen, What is the latest site you are ordering from now? Are you happy with them, and how is the quality and price. How long do they last, and what kind of hair/cap are they? Thank you !!

I am ordering from qdbeauty now. The quality is good and so are their prices. We are on our fist one and it is holding up ok after 1 month so I am not sure how long it will last. We like the hair better than the Van Art site.

How long do most last?



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