Wig too perfect, I dont know what to do to make it look natural. Help..

I have recenlty bought a human hair wig last year on december. When I first saw it I wasnt sure but when i wore it I loved it. I wore a cap underneath it just to make it hold better.
It was soft long and very realistic and i was so happy.
when I showed my partner chris he was happy that i couldnt wipe the smile off my face, i kepy on touching it and saying " omg it so soft " lol!!

Before that I always use to wear synthic wigs. They were a problem, they were too pefect and they werent soft when you touch them...

About my human hair wig I wear a head band on the top just to make it look real.
As you guys can see on my profile picture.

I dont know what esle to do.

I like its lenght but from the top if i go without the head band it looks to fake and pefect, Oh and it looks like a wig! hehe and i dont really want ppl i dont even know or care about know....

I think everyone that wears a wig thinks like that...

What other thing that i can do to make it look real?

I dont really have much friends...

OH and funny thing is that i've heard some girls call me 'miss pefect and girly '
Iaughed my head off!!

Lol I knew why plus i asked them... its cause the wig is long, and how i wear head bands and pretty much why i take care of how i look! seriously what the fuck!? lol I just like to, i wanted to attack the girls.... not because i have alopecia it means that i should hide and not care of how i look... when you do take crae of yourself you respect and love yourself.....

Does that make sense?

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Yeah thanks for the advice..
I went once to a saloon and the lady looked at me like a bloody ghost... lol
But yes i do get what you mean though! :) Well my human hair wig doesnt have a fringe or anything like that, it has like a ( how i call it ) 'curtan' the hair is from the sides so my forhead and my face shows.... Thats how i like it..
Yes be good to check youtube out...
Uhm, well if its a human hair wig is it a lace? Well all i know is that from the front theres like a little cover but is woven or sewed 'with perfection' lol....

Yes yes thats true :P i shouldnt care what other ppl think...
Cutting wispy bangs and baby hair on the edge is probably the answer.



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