Which wigs are the best. I am looking to byy first wig for my sisters wedding preferably medium hair which is better human or synthetic?

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Whenever you are looking to buy a wig for yourself I feel it is important to work out what your needs are then educate yourself about the options available that work best with your needs.

Be aware there are two types of human hair:

Processed hair (often called European hair or remy hair...lots of names and a little confusing).  This type of hair is variable in the way that it reacts and with regards to durability etc.  Wigs made with this hair should be reasonably priced.  

Unprocessed Virgin human hair: Is as the name says totally unprocessed...it is very rare hair but in my experience very beautiful, but also very expensive.

Synthetic hair...Aimee loves her syn wigs and would be a good person to contact about what she wears.  I'm afraid I personally don't have a heap of knowledge about synthetic wigs and the fibres used in them  Another person who may be able to help you understand synthetic wigs is 'chris for hair'.

Good luck with finding something for your sisters wedding...I'm sure you will look fab.


I think the human hair wig is the best choice.If you want head-turning style with a natural touch? These naturally gorgeous wigs look real, feel real - because they are real! Now you can choose human hair wigs.And  you can style them just like your own hair.

Recently I was commissioned to alter three human hair wigs, purchased from the biggest names on the Internet. This was a great opportunity to see exactly what others are raving about in promoting human hair. The hair was beautiful, but would not hold a style, they were not stable on my head or the clients head. You could not wear a high ponytail because of the lace cap and because human hair is very heavy. Yes, I wanted to "pet" the hair, but would never wear it on my head. Every wig fell into my face and the clients face, which becomes annoying. There was way too much hair in them to be natural. This client spent over ten thousand dollars on these wigs in one year and I knew they would not hold up long because of the cap structure.

I still prefer synthetic to human, and wear it every day even in very hot weather. Not every style looks realistic, but if one knows what to look for and how to work with them, they can be just as realistic, and even more so than human hair wigs.

I prefer human hair,i thin they look natural and can match my own hair perfectly,you can buy cheap but high quality wigs online

I got a Water Wig by Amy Gibson
Her company is createdhair.com. She has AU and is really compassionate
My wig looks really great I love it I've had it for almost a year
it looks just like my hair and you literally don't feel like you have anything on your head because it's made of all lace
I use tape with it for extra security but if I'm running around just doing errands I usually don't use anything with it but it worked out great
Good luck I hope it works out for you

Hi it depends on what you're looking for. Good synthetic hair like cyber hair or the water wig which I have and I wear almost every day as well, not just for working out, they go right back into shape after washing. Human hair you have to style. I have both, and I run around in my synthetic pieces, but I keep my human hair for my important meetings and dinners etc. It's more about finding something that you don't know is on your head, meaning it's really comfortable and light. There are many styles, a good lightweight base with a wig that looks real like you, is really important- at least that is what's important to me. Also, synthetic hair doesn't last as long as human hair. You can style human hair any way you want, some synthetics will take heat and others won't. I've gotten two really great pieces from createdhair.com and the woman who started the company has alopecia universalis. 


I feel a wig should be something that suits the individual, whether it be synthetic or human hair...doesn't really matter as long as the person getting the wig is knowledgeable about what their needs are.  As I put on a previous post in this thread there are various qualities of human hair...processed and unprocessed.

In my experience the best wig for swimming and living life is a Freedom Vacuum Wig.  No tapes or glues, specifically designed for those with long term extensive hairloss, the cap is vapour permeable so keeps the wearer comfortable, you can wear them in ponytails and updo's ....really you just live your life in them. I don't believe I have seen a wig that looks more realistic.

Good luck with working out what works best for you.




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