I am new here! Suffering from androgenic alopecia. Looking for advice on buying a wig. I just bought 1 today but am having 2nd thoughts...I think its not curly enough and my head still hurts! It was lace cap,virgin human hair but I still feel like I can feel the clips in the front of my head hoursss later. This cant be good for the hair I have left! They said they'd work with it or let me pick another one. Any help on how to pick the right wig and cap and fit???

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If this is your first wig, it does take some time to get used to it. If these are minor problems, they will often be hardly noticeable after a few days. It also takes a few days to get used to your new look. It sounds like the cap is too tight. I have seen some people say on this website say that they wear the wig inside out for a while in order to stretch the cap. Does the wig have clips all the way around? Do they only hurt in the back? Wig caps are usually too small for me, but I wear the wig hair long, which tends to disguise the fact that it is not covering my bio hair in the back, Please write back and let me know how its going.
I think the cap is too small. I do have a wideish crown (so I was told be another wig shop who measured) and I also still have a lot of my natural hair so far. So I think its all making the cap too tight. I had clips all around but the top on was really tugging pretty hard. My guess is my hair in a low ponytail in the back was pulling the wig. What material is bes for the cap? It seems a bit tough for lace. I read silk top is better. I want something breatable and wont hurt rubbing against my hair. Should I wear a wig cap? Have you ever had a human hair wig? I have naturally curl hair and want to know if any1 knows if the curl holds up and doesnt just frizz like a poodle! Also need to know about maintenace...the wig shop said its humanhair which only needs "servicing" (washing) 1x a month....Ive read 1x every 7-10 days. This newbie has a million questions!
Thanks for your help! I will definitely get a silk cap and looking into WigGrip. Have you ever used it? I'm used to washing my natural hair, adding a little gel and air drying it so I hope a curly wig would be require similar styling. Any product recommendations to avoid frizzy curls? If its human hair, can I use ordinary products or do I need products made for wigs? Thanks for educating this newbie
Hi, i am an androgenic alopecian too. I wish i had some advice for you. But to be honest, i'm pretty sure anything that clips to the hair you have will just hasten it coming out. I have a hair integration piece that has clips. I can't wear it because it pulls on my thinning hair. I gave myself a nearly totally bald spot on my crown because i used to pull my hair up trying to hide the hair loss. It would pull on that particular spot; and, now instead of having just the top thinning, my hair is thinnest on the crown. I really did a job on myself. I've heard that it's possible for it to grow back if a person catches it in time. I'm pretty sure i didn't. What are the people who sold you the wig suggesting would be the best for you? Oh, and you mentioned your head still hurting. I have that problem with wigs and some scarves/bandanas. First thing i would suggest here on this site is to find an androgenic alopecian who wears wigs. I think the wig experience is a bit different if you have our type of alopecia as opposed to those who lose all their hair. Sorry i can't help. But welcome...someone here will know something. It's a great site and great people.

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