Why do we experience nail pitting? Is it only because of the inflammation and seperation of keratin of nail plate or is it because of inflammation and our immune system attacks nail?

Also has your pits ever gone away? I had a bout of spot a few months ago almost 5 months but my pits have not gone away.0

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I believe hair and nails are much related and that is why when my daughter developed AU the doctor looked at her nails and found mild pitting. 

Thank you I underatand that they are related. But I would like to know the biological reason. Thanka

Curious about this also, I have had AU for about 9 months and my nails started looking bad about 3 months ago. Wondering myself if this is well ever get better.

Has anybody found solutions to make them look better? For a guys there does not seem to be many options.

Hi Heisten..how long have you had alopecia? Did tou have areata before universalis? If yes at wgat age was onset!

First noticed spots about 9 months ago and then lost everything about 2 months after.

I was 59 years old

after a few months on xeljanz they got better. now explain me why I didn't have much growth on my scalp. so weird.
Doctor told me it was so special that he will use my pictures for some materials...

Mine look about the same

Stay strong..maybe its all about giving it more time...



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