This is the most fustrating part about being bald. If you're not already dating or married than there's no hope of finding a mate. Not talking about meeting with a wig then revealing afterwards about being bald. I mean being a proud bald women and having a man still find you attractive and sexy as if you had a head full of hair. Where are these men?

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Hi Pebbles, All I can say is that it may seem like that to you, but that is not actually the truth. Many men can and have found a strong bald woman attractive. I met my husband with alopecia and I do not wear wigs. I would say that after I stopped wearing the wigs, the amount of men that approached me seemed to at first dropped. Then it seems that I "found" myself and it was like all of a sudden others found me too.

My husband is handsome, smart, and articulate and handles my having alopecia so well, that I don't even notice it. I have never felt that he had to explain my alopecia and he doesn't. He introduces me as his wife -- period. To him I am not surprisingly bald and yet somehow beautiful. I am beautiful and just happen to be bald. He has had friends that have said that his wife is beautiful. He responded "I know", not "you think so?" That is the difference, he does not need others approval of me in order to be ok with me. So, yes, these men are rarer, but you can also see why. I would take my one husband, rj jones over a million typical men any day! Even if it means that my search is harder and seems barren at times.
OK Ladies, here is the truth. It might be hard to take but I am giving it!!

It is not your bald head. How do I know this? Because look around!! Short, tall, fat, skinny, red heads, brunettes, blonds, dark skin, light skin, freckles, bow legged, bad teeth, perfect teeth, poor posture, great posture, bad manners, good manners, foul mouthed, saintly, rude, obnoxious, self-centered, egotistical, judgmental, polite, giving, kind, mousy, quiet, lots of makeup, plain Jane, prostitute clothed, church going, atheist, backstabbing, wonderful, hairy and bald women all will, can and do find love!!

A man that loves you, the imperfect you, will find you or you will be found and you will look back on this and laugh! The first thing you need to do, the very first thing is to show your confidence!!! Confidence is sexy and the first thing that a man will notice that is not visual. Once you show who you are and the confidence behind that, appearance descends in importance.

I am a short, stocky bald guy and have always been this way and I have always had attractive girlfriends and in 1994 I married a girl (with alopecia) and have 4 daughters (2nd oldest with alopecia) and guess what? They are all beautiful!! Just like you are beautiful!!

Forget the head or stay in bed!!! You are too great and special to be making excuses. Be who you are and not what you think people think. Display the confident you and stay true to who you are and boom!! Blissssss.

One more note. We have all seen the 25 year old bombshell who is on the arm of some rich and famous 65 to 90 year old man. Yes, money is part of it but the number one reason why a man in this age group will attract a younger more attractive women is because of his confidence! The so called "MILF" is the same way. These are women that have raised children and know what the want and will not settle for less and that makes them attractive to younger men.

I am not a clinician, just a man. Go ladies! The world is your marry-go-round, Go for the ride!!!

Hang in there Pebbles and all of you ladies that have any form of alopecia. Don't let it define you, You get to do the defining!!

Take care and stay confident and your beauty will show true!
You can always visit (I know nothing about this site or the creators so I can't refer or recommend them. I only know of the site.)

Jeff Woytovich, Founder
Children's Alopecia Project (Website is .org)
Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at CAP_Alopecia
Amen Jeff! ;)
Great, Jeff!
So right Jeff!


Thank you for this comment! Made my day! :)

That was fantastic. Thank you :)

I Love this... well said Jeff! 

Hiya Pebbles :

You wrote "If you're not already dating or married than there's no hope of finding a mate. "

Pardon my bluntness , but If this is the outlook that you intend on having might as well pack it in right now , become a bag lady , and get 12 cats.

C'mon now , every 24 hrs a new day begins ... new chances new opportunities , new hope.
At least youve found the right website , thats a start.

If you peruse the Alopecia singles site, you find everyone has hair or a wig. Even the registration page has a young couple with hair. Strange site!

Regarding the post. The premise of: if you're not already dating or married than there's no hope of finding a mate. to put it simply, is not the truth.
i do wonder about this also,i have a partner but i worry about something hapening and being alone forever,to be honest since being on this site i think bald women look far more beutifull than women with hair x



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