I am just curious do any of you have a headfull of "White fuzzy hair"? I did steroids shots for a year and then said to heck with it. In a matter of six months all my natural dark hair fell out. I had some white hair growing in. I shaved my head in September. I keep on growing white fuzz.... I don't let it get long as once I shaved my head I decided to stay shaved but the bristle man that grows is unreal. I always thought that once my hair fell out I would be bald..... I was hoping to get a vacuum wig but honnestly the way this stuff grows i would have to shave every day and I have bristle which I can clearly feel by night time.

Will this stuff ever fall out too? I would rather be smooth and bald then dealing with white fuzz which if you let it grow out doesn't amount to much more than baby fine hair....What a complete and utter nuisance... Just wanting to know if anyone else had this and if this stuff fell out too....

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Hi Lori.. I am brand new with Alopecia..but I too get the same white fuzz...like a peach fuzz....cant hardly even see it..its about as worthless as hair can be. I don't have much else I can add at this point, but if this is what they consider regrowth...I don't see much point in it. Sorry I can't help any more.
Hi Diana,

First off welcome to Alopeica World! Peach fuzz!! That is exactly what it is..... Not even worth the bother of sprouting on my head....I would rather be completely bald because at least you don't have to bother shaving. Geez I hope if I ever lose my eyebrows they don't pull this stunt and grown back in white....
My white fuzz grows to about 3" long (and wispy) if I let it. I keep it to remind myself of hair, and cut it about 1" long. I also have white sideburns, which I match with a blond wig. Go see all this on my page. No, it doesn't fall out much...just when I wear a warm yarn beanie in the winter. Then, I see some of the white hairs on the dark beanie cap because the white hairs rub off.
Yes Tallgirl my white fuzz was about 3 inches long and then I decided I had enough so started to shave... Now the white fuzz is even more irritating...Oh well such is life! It is so nice to see other people have the nasty white stuff. Guess I know what I would have looked like as a Granny!
Yes just like horrid weeds you can't get rid of! LOL
Now, now. I just think of myself as Judy Dench, and I kind of dig it. Or Susan Powter.
I had a full head of white hair for a year after my hair fell out...then it fell out a year ago and now I am bald again and looks like I will remain that way,





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