I wear synthetic wigs, but after 4-6 months of daily wear they start to get stiff and look worn. I've amassed quite a collection of ones I don't wear anymore because of this.

I'm hesitant to give them away since they are past their prime, but I feel bad throwing them out. Any suggestions on what to do with them? Anyone else have a similar problem?

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Hi, Sam

I know what you mean. Mine last less than yours, more like 4-6 weeks. I used to keep them and then one day I did throw them out. After that first toss, it's easier. When I get a new one, I keep the previous one as a spare and I also use that one when I go to the gym or walking.


Maryanne -- why do they only last four to six weeks? Do you wash and condition them with wig products? Even the cheapest ones will last longer than 4 to six weeks if properly cared for.

I just toss mine. Like yours, mine usually lasts about 4 - 6 months. It's a shame because I hate tossing them because I really love some of mine, but nothing screams "wig" more than one that should have been tossed weeks ago.

Hi Maryanne and Ktownnana,
Thanks so much for your advice! I feel better trying to toss them now (but keeping a spare for exercise).


Most welcome, Sam. Glad it helped! Others have good ideas here as well.

Hi I get that too.. I donated mine to the college in my town to the hairdressing dept they try and fix or trim or repair and give to cancer patients that need wigs.

and if they are at the end of there use the students can practice cuts on them....... :)

I cut out any pieces of tape tab or Dermafix that might be able to sew into another unit/wig. They I cut them up and sew pieces into hats/skullcaps, or wear them under ballcaps for golf, hiking, etc. I also have given them to a local theater group for costume/stage use.

If you know any sportsmen -- maybe they would appreciate them for target practice????? I generally throw mine away, since they can't go in the "recycle" bin.

I toss mine too, and each time I do it, I feel bad. However, I usually wear mine out to where they are unwearable anymore. I can get mine to last 4-6 months depending on the length so I get good use out of them.

Brandywine Revitalizing Conditioner is an excellent product that I have used for the last four years -- and it certainly helps to extend the life of the wig, and makes it look better while you're wearing it.

I agree. I've always used the Brandywine products. You can find them online or in some wig stores.

I'm def going to have to look into brandy wine....Some of my wigs don't last as long as others. I was told it was the weather and heat outside but who knows.





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