Hi !

A few weeks ago did I hear fro mmy best friend that a boy in her class said "stupid" things about me.
(And I have newer even talked to him!)
hE said hat I looked awful, that I looked weird and more awful stuff that my BEST friend even couldent say.
Until night, I didn´t care, but then I started to cry in my bed, I coulden´t help it.
I started to think how It wolud be if I start to like a boy, who just think´s I look weird.. ;(
I had a "boyfriend" a year ago, and he said that he´s friend said stuff about me, that I looked weird and stuff like that.. And I asked if he said anything to him, like yelled at him or ANYTHING, and he was like, -No, why?
How did he think? You don´t say that, or?
Well, back, the thing is that i´m scared that everyone just think I look weird, My hair looks the samy every day, booring, I CAN´T have anything else cause i´m scared that anyone would see anything, I just want to look as normal as possible, but still. It doesn´t work as well as I want, my eyebrow pencil is hard to apply every day, and i´m the only one with it, I can´t wear eye-lashes cause it just looks fall down in the wind . So yes, there is a few of my many problems that I worry about every day!

Does anyone have any advice about all this? at least the "boy" problem .
P.S, i´m really sorry for the "BAD" ENGLISH, I´M SWEDISH (14) so i´m not that good ;P

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hey hun. First I just want to say that those people don't have ANY idea what you're going through. People that say you look "weird" don't know anything about you. Everyone goes through that sort of thing at one point or another. it used to happen to me almost everyday. but if you let people know you're comfortable with yourself (or atleast make it seem that way) they will feel more obligated to respect you. As for the people that don't respect you, don't give them the time of day because they don't deserve your attention if they can't grow up and be mature about other peoples differences. It'll all get better. Hang in there :)
Hi Josephine,

It's really too bad your ex bf didn't defend you more, but maybe that's why he is your ex. All I can tell you is to be strong and to the people that think you look weird, well I'm sure their karma will come back to them.

Elenore Roosevelt once said
"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent"
and I truly believe this. You can't let them get to you, and you have to be strong. Don't worry, we all got your back :)
Hi Josephine,
I think that people saying these things are just stupid enough to do it, they can not handle any difference, perhaps even not their own problems. That's why they have to 'invent ' some problems for others, just to feel better for a minute. It is not your problem, because I'm sure that you are just as fine as if you had hair. It's his problem, because he shows clearly his very limited intelligence.
A boyfriend who does not accept you as you are is not worth to be with you.
Good luck!
I'm sorry that you're having this trouble with small-minded people. You're better than all of them.

Recently someone commented to me - isn't it interesting that when they're young, what people want most is to fit in, to NOT be different. Then when they get older, many people go to great lengths to be different and to stand out of the crowd.

Your English is fine. I'll use my one word of Swedish - kram (or, "mer kram"),
Hey Josephine,
Boys at that age make fun of everything and everyone, I did. It was mostly out of insecurity at that awkward age and trying to prove yourself, and trying to be cool in front of everyone. Pretty stupid stuff to me now, but they dont know any better. Dont pay them any mind you’re a gorgeous young lady and that more mature boy will find you eventually. Good Luck!
hi my name is tahnie im from australia. i am 17 and had the same problems at school. the best thing 2 do is not care what any one says i know its hard but if they can see that if hurts u they wont stop so i sagest that u just brush it all off. u are beautiful know mattere what anyone says. if you want real looking eyebrows just look on this website http://www.headcovers.com/cosmetics/eyebrows/ and click on realistic eyebrows #12 and choose your colour
Hi Josephine! Are you kidding! You don't look weird - you look adorable! I hope you are feeling better today. I would love to tell you to stay away from boys. They are really dumb until they grow up - but you already know that! I wish that your friend never told you that that boy said anything at all. That's a lesson that we all learn around your age. It's a hard lesson to learn too. It's so hard to be 14 too. I didn't have Alopecia when I was 14 but I cried myself to sleep many nights after hearing from "friends" mean things that someone else has said about me. That's a terrible feeling, and one that you are not alone with at school. I hope that from that you have learned that "it's better to say nothing at all, unless it's nice" which includes repeating things that other people say. . And I hope that you become that person who is not afraid to stick up for the "little guy" when you have to. Don't worry about the "boy" that you haven't met YET. Maybe you'll become friends with him one day - or maybe he'll disappear. Don't forget either that it's easier to forgive and forget. You'll be a much happier person. I remember how awkward it could be to talk to adults too, but it's really important that you have a grown up to discuss this kind of stuff with. We get it!
Here in the US we have had some very tragic incidents with regards to teenagers bullying other teenagers. Most people shrug it off as kids being kids but the fact is that until we are in our late teens or early twenties, the part of our brains that deal with decision making are not completely developed which is one reason teenagers do and say crazy things. I suggest you turn the tables and pity him for not liking a good person such as yourself. Oh - and smile because you deserve to!
Hey, I'm also 14 and have got alopecia.
The boy that said all this is quite probably self concsious him self and jealous of you.
From a fellow 14 year old, I have to say you're really pretty ;)
Thank´s (:
Where u from?
Some boys are stupid, some people are so frightened about their own short comings that they'll broadcast everyone else perceived shortcomings all day like a broken record because then no body is looking at them.
These are stupid people who are not interesting in their own right. Don't listen to what they say. Everything they say about you is lies. THe worst thing you can possibly do is believe somehow that these comments are right. They are not. You are special and you have so much to offer the world.
I know it's hard, but please please listen when I tell you, you have no idea how special you are. Being a teenager is so hard especially when you have to deal with immaturity and insecurity in all its forms. I hope you realise this has nothing to do with your faults and everything to do with his
xxx Hugs



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