Well, not being a man myself , I can't exactly contribute to this discussion. But I would like all of you to. So, the inevitable question, what DO men think of us alopecian women? I know that most of you are biased, either knowing or being married to bald women, but I still want to know at least your initial opinion on it. And your opinion now. :) So. again, what do you think of us wonderful, and beautiful alopecian goddesses now, and what did you think of them at first? Please and Thank you!

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I'm female so can only add a bit to this discussion. I do know that my DH said he had a "crush" on that bald female character in Star Trek when he was young - so I guess he became used to the look of a bald female. He likes my face already and when I lost my hair - he seemed to embrace it just fine. Sometimes it surprises me that he accepting since he is the sort of person who doesn't like drawing attention to himself but he seems cool with it.
Hi there! It's my first comment ever on a subject like this (so please keep that in mind and be gentle with me :-)). For me bald women are sometimes even more attractive than women with hair. I also don't think that women with hair are more feminine. For me baldness doesn't affect the femininity of a woman at all (in a negative way).

I'm attracted to bald women since I saw the first Star Trek movie (which was already mentioned before I guess) but unfortunately I hadn't the chance to meet a bald lady in real life yet. I'm sorry that I can't add something new to this discussion… just an opinion from another man.
woaw...what a nice comment :)))))
I agree its lovely
I got alopecia totalis 9mths before my marraige broke down 4yrs ago. I never thought any other man would be interested in me partly because of the reaction of my ex to me going bald, but I found the opposite. I went out with several men before meeting my partner and none of then had a problem with it, in fact I would say I had a bigger hang up than them. My partner is great and although I am not brave enough to not wear my wig he often says he would like me to go without it and often pulls it off in the house. I think its different if you've known and loved someone before they lost their hair but he loved me after and I love him for that as he's giving me so much confidence. had he not been working offshore at mo I'm sure he'd say the same. men don't have a hang up its us who think they will.
I am married but my husband always seemed to be very attracted to my hair. I can say he seems as attracted to me now as he always is. I find for me I am more self conscience about myself and have a more difficult time being intimate.

As a man who is still single, I would say that women with alopecia are not any less attractive than women with hair. Baldness gives you a unique kind of beauty. I've only really been an eyes kind of guy and will say that a bald head can accentuate them. I never really thought about how attractive bald women could be until I was in college and had seen one who looked absolutely gorgeous. For most men, hair is like frosting on a cake: They have to have it. For me, the cake itself will keep me satisfied:)



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