Well, not being a man myself , I can't exactly contribute to this discussion. But I would like all of you to. So, the inevitable question, what DO men think of us alopecian women? I know that most of you are biased, either knowing or being married to bald women, but I still want to know at least your initial opinion on it. And your opinion now. :) So. again, what do you think of us wonderful, and beautiful alopecian goddesses now, and what did you think of them at first? Please and Thank you!

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Well, since my opinion would be regarded as biased and I never saw & knew a lady before I got alopecia myself, my opinion may seems a little invalid. However, I want to point out that I know quite a number of ladies with alopecia having perfect marriages, having dating partners without much problems from the men. I guess they will always be some men think that beauty in a women is always skin deep and yet quite a number of men thinks beauty is more than just skin deep. I remember during last year 's NAAF conference, I was with my alopecian lady friend (She's AT) most of the time, and well well, there are a number of stranger men (not NAAF conference attendee) themselves came up and strike a conversation with her, and at one time they both had a conversation for hours.

So if you still want my opinion now on Alopecian women...I would answer: "So what???" ...beauty is more than just hair.

My initial opinion of my fiancee Cheryl Carvery was that she was bald and beautiful, sexy and shaved. I didn't assume anything was wrong with her, but learned that she has alopecia areata when I first read her MySpace page. But even after that, my only question and concern was whether the condition is hereditary. In other words, I've adored her since day one and have always deemed her alopecia as a non-issue. Years ago, I also dated another beautiful and bald woman who lost her hair due to chemotherapy. Again, her lack of hair was never an issue for me. I'm not convinced that most men would feel the same way. However, I can assure you that the men who should matter to you will feel the way I do.
I know I am not a man, but had to respond to rj's post. Alopecia has never been an issue with rj. As he mentioned, even from the beginning he was not aware that I had alopecia, only that I chose to wear my hair differently. I never felt anything less than a complete woman with him.

I know he sees beauty in me, and I honestly believe it took deeper roots than just seeing what he would consider "a bald and beautiful, sexy and shaved woman". I believe rj and many men see beauty differently and delve for a second layer of beauty that is internal and eternal.
I don't know what men think as my daughter is only 3. But since I was struck with your picture I just had to say no wonder RJ thought you were bald & beautiful. You really are stunning!- your face just lights up. My daughter has a wonderful face too! If fate should have it that she will remain bald I hope she will be just as beautiful as you. Thanks again to both of you for starting this site.
Well, since I'm a chic I'll just share that men do find bald women attractive and all that. I go bald when the sun starts to shin and recently I saw a friend who didn't know I had alopecia. When I explained the reason I didn't have hair, he just smiled and said, "Ya know, I'm a little turned on," Since I'm married, I left it at that. However, I've had men come up to me before and tell me they like my "hairdo".

I met my husband preAU, however, he would agree with what Frank said in that he is attracted to eyes and smiles. I think that if you put out good, you'll get good.
Be smooth when I don't want is cruel,apart female.
Fortunately after inquiry is in the world 1/4 men,which pleasing women smooth.
I don't know why,but so did I love women smooth.
Are very,very beautiful!
I wish have such behind wife.
I have always loved beautiful bald women, or women with very short hair.
To me bald women just look more feminine and beautiful, you can really see a lady's feminine features when she is bald.
And I agree with the person who wrote that long earrings look gorgeous on a beautiful bald lady. My beautiful bald wife often wears her long earrings, whether she has on a wig, head scarf, or is bald.
I love a smooth bald head on a lady. To me it is very sensual.
Many men love a bald head on a pretty lady. Maybe that is why more women are shaving their heads these days, whether they wear a wig in public or not.

When I met my completely bald wife, who is very beautiful, I was very attracted to her, not only because of her beautiful bald head, but she would even be beautiful with hair.
Not as beautiful with hair as being bald, but still very beautiful. A fine looking lady can look good with hair, as well as bald.

And my wife was not only bald and goirgeous, she was bright, personable, nice, so what was not to like.
We fell in love. And got married.
I wear my hair long, and my bald wife loves my long hair as much as I love her beautiful bald head. We are compatible. I love the way my wife dresses too, she is very feminine and stylish.

I first became attracted to bald women as a boy and a teenager. I saw the first Star Trek movie on tv, with that beautiful bald actress. And I saw women fashion models who were bald, who wore the bald look as their fashion style. To me, those bald women were some of the most gorgeous, beautiful women I had seen.

So yes, I love bald women.
You Melinda, are a very beautiful bald lady. I love that photo of you bald with that beautiful dress and that small child.

Bald women with their husbands, bald women wity their little kids, bald women at work, bald women singers, bald women fashion models, bald women actresses. I do enjoy observing beautiful bald women doing different things.

Not only Melinda, but you other bald women on this website are beautiful too.
It is incredible how many fine looking bald ladies there are on this website. It is like an alopecian convention of beautiful bald women! You all look good!
Waoh, something exists above the bustline? Kidding... kidding... Tasteless jokes aside... peek:

Disciple of Grace... This is from Magic the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast... an old gaming company... beautiful art really.
In spite of the fact that the artist can't draw an ear (and so avoided it)... and the fact that there are many other cards to consider, most of them beautiful, this is one of my favorites.
"So what?" Or what Frank said... or... any number of opinions... none of which seem to be negative. As a guy with most of his hair(receeding but still there) my initial reaction would be one of curiousity... 'it's just neat' basically. After the novelty wore off(takes about an hour for me)... it's a feature just like any other... whether I like it or not is up to me... but basically... hair isn't really on my list of things I consider important. It's more about you, not having hair just saves me the trouble that comes with not noticing it.
Before I met my room mate, a female, who is amazingly beautiful, I did not prefer bald women. Not that I thought they were lesser, just wasn't a look I was into. When I met my roomie, she was wearing a cute wig which I didn't know was a wig. I learned after being a good friend with her for several months that she had alopecia. Only recently, after several years of knowing her very close, did i see her without her wig on... she went as "Evey" from "V for Vendetta" to a Halloween party. Then I saw some artful photography (she's a model) of her bald. Since I know her, and find her personality beautiful, and her body extremely attractive, I couldn't care less that she is bald. So, because I (we) are influenced by society to find hair attractive, it simply takes exposure to the alternative to break that very powerful societal influence down.
Hi..Im Bob,and just joined today,but have had AA for 35+ years,on and off...Personally,I find the glow that most AA women have is addicting ,at least to me..I think there is special quality that AA allows women to beam there spirit right out of there faces,and just glow,like nothing else,and,hey,Im just one man,but I personally find it extremely sexy....I believe also,there way more humble,and sensitive to others feelings,and just good old down to earth women..Hail to all Alopecian women,as there are many more just like me,so Keep the faith..give the love..share the happiness..I love you all Bob Hershberger..
A while back at a house party there was this guy that kept after me, so i confronted him & he said that he knew my` secret`. He wanted to know for sure if i was wearing a wig & was i bald and that he would like to see my head.

This really gave me the creeps,but lucky for me i was with my friend who "had a word with him" and arranged a little accident which caused this piece of pondlife much embarassment and he left.

I have now found out that there are websites & groups run by men that like to look at women with alopecia & are bald, there is some kind of bald woman fetish.

Personally speaking, i am none to pleased with bieng the object of some pervs `affections` i would be much happier if someone got to know me for who i am, not what i am. Surely there is more to a woman that the fact that she has a bald head!

And if thats what floats your boat, consider the fact that she has a personality, and feelings too. It would serve such a man right if one day he meets this fantasy bald woman and it turns out she`s a horrible person or she steals all his money,

I can`t speak for everybody on this site but i would guess that even women who do not wear wigs have their off days when then they do not feel good about themselves, i know i do. At moments like that you need someone to be there for you.

I am not a fetish object & i have issues with those who see me as one! Thank goodness that maybe such people are in the minorty there are real good guys out there.

Stand up an take a bow Mr Richard. Yes i know you are spoken for, but i don`t think Cheryl would mind if say that your one of those good guys.

BTW, if you Would like to know what happened to that creep at the party, message me & i will happily tell you what my friend did to him.

Sorry for the rant, i will go and have some cheesecake & clam down.




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