I have a job interview next week and I am wondering if right off the bat, I should tell them I have alopecia and am actually a very healthy man? You know, just to avoid the "cancer" looks? Should I just say it so the interview can move on along?

I sometimes get questions about whether I have cancer. I was at my dentist last week and he wasn't going to extract a tooth because he didn't know I was "going through chemo." Yaaaar.

I don't want to be written off because of something they may think but are too afraid to ask.

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If you really feel the need to say something, I would maybe wait until the end of the interview. Go through the whole thing, make a great impression, knock out great responses, and if you think you still need to, mention it before it's over as you shake the person's hand maybe..
Make a quick comment about it..like an FYI. "Just so you know, I have alopecia, not cancer or anything like that, incase you were wondering. So, I'm totally healthy. Well, thanks again for your time."
I feel your frustration! I just went to a job interview today and forced myself to wear my icky wig. It's still obvious (to me at least) that I draw my eyebrows on and I don't know if it was just me but it seemed as though the manager had a very difficult time with eye contact. The interviews I've gone to bald have never resulted in employment (even if I did mention I have alopecia). A man at my support group was asked just last night if he's ever encountered difficulty with employment and he claims not to. It is more acceptable for a man to be bald and that's the look all the young guys are sporting now anyways.
I would wait until the end of the interview as Tina suggested. If you find they've done or said something to make you uncomfortable then I would tell them about alopecia and you can even ask them if it's a problem. If it is I'm sure you can report your discrimination to someone!
I personally would somehow work it into the interview. If at all possible the sooner the better, so that they have not already discounted you and just going through the motions of the interview.

Like Squonk mentioned, I would definitely keep it positive and as a testament to my perseverance and ability to deal with adversity. I can think of so many people who have taken adversity and spinned it, like Micheal J. Fox, Christoper Reeves, Lance Armstrong, Joni Eareckson Tada and many more. It could actually help you stick out in their minds.

You can also consider leaving them more information on alopecia like this pamphlet, so that they can read up on it on their own. Then you are being informative and giving them what they need to know as an employer as well as raising awareness.
Hummmmm... Interesting. I wouldnt tell anyone my personal issues. For instance, Hi my name is Elizabeth and I really would like this job, AND I also want to tell you that Im bald and that I have diabetes and thyroid problems....
I can see the dentist as being a totally different thingy.

So my answer to your question? No.

My opinion
I work with adolescents that can be very difficult so I have to be trained on how to manage them if it turns into a physical thing. I was in an interview early last year and the training came up. I eased into the topic by mentioning that there may be part of the training I can't do (I wear a wig)...the interviewer asked what I meant and I said that I had alopecia. It was the first time I ever told an interviewer..and I'm a very private person. But I have to say that it really felt great to share it. He actually looked nonplussed and just said that if there's ever anything like that to just let him know. And, I got the job and still work there. So I'd have to say tell them...they most likely won't ask and may be relieved if you bring it up.
Number one rule of thumb on a job interview: Don't bring any attention to anything that will give someone a reason NOT to hire you!!!

If the interviewer doesn't mention it, then don't bring it up. Typically, only the more vocal ignorami will ask the cancer question, so you shouldn't have a problem.

Good luck on your interview!!
Having alopecia has never been a trouble for me in an interview. I've only had two jobs though.

My first job was as a checkout operator - so a very public position, daily interaction with customers and involved a high level of personal presentation. I went to the interview with nothing on my head - and from memory I think it came up as I mentioned my involvement in the Queensland support group. They were fine with it and I got the job and kept it for three years.

My second and current job it wasn't even mentioned. I just did the job interview as would anyone else, and I believe they treated me like anyone else.

Perhaps things in Australia are different, or maybe I've just been lucky. I think it's a good idea to put a positive spin on it :c)

Good luck :c)
I don't think you should stress about it too much. If you want to tell them, then tell them. But I also don't think it's really necessary if you'd rather not mention it. As Carol was saying, I think it's more acceptable for men to be bald-headed than women. You probably think more people notice or are looking than actually are.
Tell me about it. I work in a group home with aggressive residents. And I have to tell staff that are new that I wear a wig.(Most of the old staff already kown) Can you imagine if one of my clients had to pull it off in a middle of an incident. Who would get the bigger fright...my co-worker of the resident!
Hey everyone! I truly love this group!

The hour long marketing interview and presentation in front of an entire board (!) went well -- I left feeling as though I hammered each question with a quality response. I decided not to mention alopecia at all and decided on the drive in to really concentrate on getting through the entire process without even thinking about my bald self and the reactions it may get. Long story short, I shook everyone's hand while looking each and every person straight in the eye (the ol smile and a handshake technique) and took off without any mention of alopecia whatsoever.

Came home, kicked off my shoes...made my way up the stairs into the kitchen and the phone was ringing. I GOT THE JOB. I start in August.

You guys are awesome in every way. I took all of your suggestions to heart and it really helped my performance today. THANK YOU.
Yay, Mike!!! I'm so happy to hear this. Thanks for updating us. :o)
Mike that is great! I think that is what is so awesome about a group like this. You get a bunch of suggestions and then you use the one that works for you best. CONGRATULATIONS again!



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