Hi Guys,

I’m 28 years old and 8 months postpartum and have just been diagnosed with Alopecia areata. I lost my lower eyelashes, eyebrows thinning out, losing hair on scalp along facial edges and the sides of my scalp. I don’t see spots but they are really thin. Doctor mentioned I could lose all my hair eventually and spoke about oral steroids or injections.

Just wanted to know from here, what more can I expect to happen? Has anyone had success with the steroids ? I feel really defeated and not sure if should even be hopeful about this condition getting any better. Please do share any experiences.


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Good evening from Ca. Alopecia is a guessing game. Many times after giving birth different things are triggered in your body. As for Steroids, they may help, but are certainly not the cure. First I would suggest contacting the National Alopecia Areata Foundation in California and ask them to send you information. I know that going there may not be where you want your head to go, but it is important to be informed about what to expect and what research and clinical studies are out there at this time. My daughter developed AU at 21 while away at school so I became  well informed of what to expect. This is a very hard time for you and the best thing is to try to enjoy your new child and share with a phone support person from NAAF or seek professional help if you need to talk. When my daughter was told she would lose her hair we starting looking for the most natural hair pieces possible. Being ready for anything  alopecia throws your way  is going to make whatever happens a bit easier. Please friend me if you need anything.


Your hair loss is probably due to the hormonal changes. Most likely it will resolve on it's own and you will get your hair back.

I would not recommend oral steroids. They help but you can not take them for a long time.

If you keep loosing hair - try Xeljanz or generic Tofacitinib. There are a few very good discussions in here. Good luck!



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