I'm going on a Moms Night Out in a few weeks,and I plan to wear my cool long, blonde wig with a cute hat. Do clubs ever make restrictions on wearing hats in clubs? I remember somebody posting here once about not being allowed to wear a bandana to a roller rink! So, now I'm all paranoid I'll be all dressed up and then turned away for wearing a hat.

Does this ever happen? Thanks!!!

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Hi Aimee-

Sounds like a fun night out.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't get it. Life is not a life if lived in dread, fear, worry for a million what-ifs.
For every situation that gets solved with a temporary fix of some sort, there's going to be another situation slightly different down the road. I am imagining this as a dread for a month..about 8% of the year.

If you're wearing a wig, why would you wear a hat?

If your wig does not fit securely, it's not made well for your head size.

If the wig is ugly on top, extra wide fabric head bands are in style. ...See this month's Ralph Lauren ads to see a beautiful one. In fact, in-style fashion accessories can give extended life to any so-so wig top.

So please, let me know if I'm really missing an important aspect to this. It's discouraging to think that any woman is paring down her life because of wigs and hats - and just think of how the wig/hat anxiety gets telegraphed to the people you're with. Body language speaks louder than words.

I hope you come to a beautiful solution that let's you just be you to have a night where you give no thought to your hair and feel totally comfortable and gorgeous.


Hi, Aimee - did you decide not to try for a hairpiece? I felt like you did - that as long as I had some hair - I didn't want a full wig. The one I have is on in my new profile picture. It was picked to blend with my hair - and you really can't see where the hair piece stops and my hair starts. I know it is a little expensive (between $500-$600) though. However, I will like I will be able to wear this through my hair falling out. The hairdresser said they make some with 3/4 caps, too. My hair piece is a little darking on the top than my hair - but everyone thinks I colored my hair - and thinks it is very flattering. I am really glad I did this.

Good luck to you!
Hi Aimee,

What about calling the club before you go to ask if they have any kind of dress code that would not allow hats?

Have fun!!!
No I don't think so because hats are a fashion item if you have those cute little Berier's (those french looking things) with sequences, if not threaten to sue!!!! xox Nikita- most importantly don't stress and have funnnnn
Hats are in!!
Hey, Aimee!

I hate that you had to justify your reasoning for positing this. If you want to wear a hat with your wig, that's your prerogative! Not for anyone else to question, in my opinion. I agree that you shouldn't live your life in dread, fear, or worry, but it sounds like this Alopecia thing is new to you, and you should adapt at your own pace. I think Heather had the best advice, to call the club. If I was wearing a wig like yours, where a hat was mandatory, I would had anxiety the whole car ride there until I found out if hats were allowed or not. So, just call whenever you get a chance and ask to speak with someone who can answer a question about dress code, and then go from there. I think you'll be a lot less stressed about the night if you know the outcome prior to arriving at the club. I hope hats are no problem at all, and you have a fabulous night out with the girls!
i doubt there are restrictions (hats are so in and think of all the guys that often wear baseball hat out), but i like the idea of calling ahead just to ease your mind. i wore a hat all the time and never had a problem with it. good luck!
yup happens to me, i hate the feeling of being nervous just to see if they are going to ask you to remove your hat.
As long as you dont go to any place fancy you should be ok tho
I have never heard of that here in Honolulu. I'm sure, with a little explaination to the doorman all would be fine.
Hope ya have a great time!
I like the idea of calling ahead to see if it would be a problem... its what I would do. I don't wear wigs or hats but I do wear bandannas and I did go out with a friend a few weeks ago with my bandanna on but I chickened out before we went inside. =0(
Hi Aimee - I used to live in a college town and there were a few clubs that had dress code restrictions. Usually these only applied to guys (i.e. no ball caps, no flip flops, only shirts with a collar). Their excuse was to discourage trouble makers. Guess that makes me a trouble maker since I regularly sport a ball cap :) If your hat completes or compliments your "look" I wouldn't see why you would have any problems. However, I agree with some of the others that calling ahead is a good idea if you know where you are going. Hope you have a fun and safe night out!!



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