OK I have had alopecia since I was 15, I have always worn synthetic mono top wigs. I am ready for a better one. I want to swim and not worry about it. I want to have fun and not worry about it. I am sick of saying "I can't do that" when my son asks me to go down the water slides.
So please give me your advice on Vacuum wigs! Which ones do you have? Which are good? What were the costs around?
I have only really looked into the Freedom wig, and I love it, but I don't know if I can afford it. Are there any sort of payment plans??

Thank you!


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Because some I/A's choose to make more money per customer and if you dare to cross out of your teritory's rep to get a better deal - well let's just say that is not allowed.

That's just not true Lillybell. It is up to the client who they deal with. If they want to travel to an Independent Agent on the other side of the world they most certainly can. I have been talking to a Canadian who travels extensively and prefers to work with the IA in England. But if we think about that sensibly I would say that it wouldn't be cost effective for most people and certainly doesn't work if there are fittings etc. to deal with, then it would become terribly costly. I would think it is more economical to deal with the IA that is closest to you. If you don't want to though, they wouldn't have a problem with you contacting another IA.


What I have found to be an ideal solution for me,& a LOT cheaper than Vacuum/Follea type wigs
is to get regular high quality wigs & have them custom refitted & sewing altered to fit my head tightly
tben I have my expert sew DSRMAFIX strips inside the wigcap. This way my wigs have a great tight snug vacuum like suction seal to my head,even when I swim in a pool. I wear wigs 25/7,except for showering.
-Marsha Lampert MBA MS MarshaLampert@aol.com

I actually just ordered the dermafix, I would have ordered a wig with it already sewn in but I just got new one recently. So now how in the world do I get it sewn in there?!

The woman I talked to at Freedom was so incredibly nice and lovely and I felt so bad for wasting her time when she mentioned the price. It would take me years to save up that much. My budget is tight enough as it is.

The wig I just bought is just a plain Kanekalon synthetic wig. It cost me all of NZ$70 ($60 before postage) and I couldn't be happier. It has elastic around the inside so it sits perfectly. I can straighten or curl it easily enough using hot water, which doesn't damage the wig. Although straighteners or curlers would melt it. I can put it up into nice updos. I wore it out on Saturday pulled up in a pretty plait/bun and got so many comments on how lovely my hair looked and when I said it was a wig people were shocked. Some didn't even believe me. I know it wont last as long as a real hair wig but if looked after properly it will last a good couple of years. And if I ever did want to go swimming (which isn't likely) I could just wear a swim cap.


It's nice to know that you had a good experience with your Freedom IA. :)

Good luck with your new hair.


yes I got some swim caps but have not been able to get used to them yet!

I have a freedom wig and its the best investement i,ve made. I swim, exercise, rock climb, in fact there is nothing i do not do in it AND it stays put. No-one can tell its a wig. when its on I totally forget i have no hair. good luck if you get one.
gill x

Thanks for the info!

Hi Erin,

I'm a bit late getting in on this, but you posted that you just ordered the dermafix?! What is dermafix exactly and where do you order it from? Also - how did you go with it?

I'm a belly dancer and I recently had a wig slippage issue at a performance (the glue I was using didnt' hold) - so I'm looking for new ways.
I have a vacuum wig on order, but I already own about 6 synthetic wigs I'd like to continue using if I can find a way to secure them.





I've worn a Freedom wig for two years and it still looks great- I haven't needed to send it in for repairs as of yet. (but the color has gotten considerably lighter, in a good way). They are expensive, but they do last a long time. But, to be honest, I know that you can wear them in the water, but I don't because I don't want to damage it with the chlorine. I just love it so much! I've worn mono tops in the pool, and it stayed on securely while going under water. But I wore a non- mono top to the pool the other day, and it started to slip off under water. It just wasn't as secure to my scalp as the mono top with the poly tab.

A few days ago, I went on a very fast water slide(much faster than my husband said it was!) with my mono top and it did stay on, but I was worried. I think if I had been wearing the non-mono, it may have come right off.

Soooooo, I do have a Freedom wig, but I'm sort of in the same boat, just because of my choice not to wear my Freedom wig. So my compromise is to wear a Speedo Performance swim cap, which is much more comfy than the regular Speedo caps. There are always some people with swim caps at the beach and water parks, so hopefully I'll fit right in. I do think that, if you are reallly looking, you can tell from the back that I do not have any hair. But, I'm with you, I don't want to miss out on the fun with my kids anymore. They were all so excited that I went on the slides with them. I haven't worn it yet, so hopefully it will work out.

do you wear tape with your mono when you swim?





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