HI All!

March 1, 2019 marked my 1 year Tofacitinib.

Either Xeljanz and or Generic Tofacinix from Beacon Pharma in Bangladesh.

Started on 10mg per day and bumped up to 15 mg per day in August of 2018.

I saw my doc at Columbia University in NYC on my 1 year mark.

He drew my labs and everything came back great!

I've currently been on 3 pills per day of Tofacinix (approx 15mg per day with probable slight dosage variation due to it being a generic)

My doc has me starting to wean off the meds, here is his plan for me:

I went down to 2 pills per day (10 mg per day) starting March 1,2019

After 3 months, if no shedding, no patches, he wants me to go down to 1 pill per day.

After 3 months, if no shedding, no patches, he wants me to try to go off completely.

Update on Pfizer Xeljanz co-pay coupon. The Co-Pay coupon is now 3 months FREE

You can use it once per year. It wasn't free for me last year, but it is now!

I called in and activated the coupon with Pfizer and next day walked out of the pharmacy in NYC with 180 free pills of Xeljanz. So I will be on the name brand for 3 months and then will switch back to my stockpile of Beacon generic.

No side effects. Current pics below. Last time I buzzed was Dec 16, 2018

Also a baseline pic from March 1, 2018

Thanks for all of your support guys and wishing everyone here healing in whatever way it comes.

Love of love,


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That's great news to hear! I live in South Carolina but I will travel if I have too. I'll send you a friend request so I can message you. Reading stories like yours gives me hope and I'm so happy for you. And its nice to talk to someone who knows what exactly what I'm going through

Yes come to NYC! Quick trip :) 

Hey, I think any excuse to visit NYC is a great idea but just in case you can't get there as often as needed, my (adult) child is seen by a doctor at Emory in Atlanta who has several patients on Xeljanz for Alopecia.

Wow! Check out all that hair. Nicole, this is truly inspirational. I am SO happy for you - both that it has helped you so much and you have had no side effects. I hope it continues and you can reduce your dose too. You have helped me so much, more than you might know, and so many others too! Thank you for being so kind and patient with everyone and giving us your help and advice through our journey - I am eternally grateful. 

All the best!

Thank you Steve!!

Looking forward to seeing your next update and those amazing eyebrows you've got!! ;)

This is unbelievable!!!

Could you please give me contacts of your doctor? 

I will travel anywhere just to be treated by such a specialist! Because everybody I've met prescribed me only Minoxidil and I can't do it... 

Thsi is very amazing results.... 

Maybe you are just that 1% of all people who are lucky...

And I'm that 1% who will go entirely bald in few yeras... after being hair model... 

How did you overcome social appearance when you was without hair? Could you please shar

Hi Rapunzel!
I see Dr. Filamer Kabigting at Columbia University doctors Dermatology

at 51 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019

(212) 326-8465

Love him!

When i was without hair i wore lots of hats and wigs for about 2 years :( 

Was not fun.

Feel very blessed to have found this med to get my hair back.

Was terrifying.

Keep me posted how you go!

OMG! I can't believe it... I just left New York with really only one thought - I don't have any sense to fight anymore. I am really want to end it all. 

I've seen two dermatologists in New York, Catherine Ding and Dr.Bruder, who supposed to be amazing, but even he prescribe rogaine and also still want me to do biopsy, which I could not understand the reason for. I made photos of my hairlines and I still have same bald spots on my scalp. So if I shave even a small piece for biopsy it will stay bald forever... 

Thank you for you reference! I will try to contact this doctor... Maybe God finally decides to stop torturing me and sent your story in my life. 

Thank you again 

p.s. sorry for poor english ;(

I saw Dr Bruder.

I did not care for his manner, his communication and his treatments never worked for me. Him a long line of other horrible derms.

Go to Columbia University and get on xeljanz.

Stay positive, you are beautiful and this will pass and over time, you do become empowered and love yourself and accept it. It comes with time!


We really need a group hug button :)

Yes we do!

Sending all of you huge hugs through all the trials.

Yes South Carolina is a quick trip to NYC :) 



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