HI All!

March 1, 2019 marked my 1 year Tofacitinib.

Either Xeljanz and or Generic Tofacinix from Beacon Pharma in Bangladesh.

Started on 10mg per day and bumped up to 15 mg per day in August of 2018.

I saw my doc at Columbia University in NYC on my 1 year mark.

He drew my labs and everything came back great!

I've currently been on 3 pills per day of Tofacinix (approx 15mg per day with probable slight dosage variation due to it being a generic)

My doc has me starting to wean off the meds, here is his plan for me:

I went down to 2 pills per day (10 mg per day) starting March 1,2019

After 3 months, if no shedding, no patches, he wants me to go down to 1 pill per day.

After 3 months, if no shedding, no patches, he wants me to try to go off completely.

Update on Pfizer Xeljanz co-pay coupon. The Co-Pay coupon is now 3 months FREE

You can use it once per year. It wasn't free for me last year, but it is now!

I called in and activated the coupon with Pfizer and next day walked out of the pharmacy in NYC with 180 free pills of Xeljanz. So I will be on the name brand for 3 months and then will switch back to my stockpile of Beacon generic.

No side effects. Current pics below. Last time I buzzed was Dec 16, 2018

Also a baseline pic from March 1, 2018

Thanks for all of your support guys and wishing everyone here healing in whatever way it comes.

Love of love,


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hello, I am a bad responder of xeljanz in the hair, it will be 1 year and 4 months, I developed a strategy I take 10 mg of generic xeljanz and 2 mg of generic baricitinib I have not tested in the laboratory I hope to trust beacon, I have already tested tofacinix, I paid 650 euro and I have to pay a new 650 euro the laboratory. if any of you can do it cheaper or for free I can send some pills. it's been a week since I'm under xeljanz and baricitinib. I'll let you know if it works because baricitinib is an inhibitor jak 1,2 and xeljanz 1,3 according to some research classes 1, 2 are more effective especially ruxolitinib

Good luck Kevin ! Can I ask how much hair growth have you had with just using xeljanz? Was you AU?

And good luck Kevin I hope you get all your back !

Kind regards 

Good luck with your new therapy. I too am looking at starting generic xeljanz from beacon and also concerned if drug is genuine and safe. I finally made contact with beacon and looking to find a reputable laboratory to test a sample of the medication. Please let me know what you find out and I will do the same. 



I’m shedding a lot! Please if someone knows something that helps, DM me.

Would love to know also. I stopped taking it because of the shed. Was losing the hair I had left and got too scared. 

What do you mean? Did u lose your hair because of Xeljanz?

After a few days of taking zelijanz I started shedding hair rapidly all over. Including my eyebrows which I’m trying to hold on to as long as possible. Got scared and stopped, wondering if anyone has a similar experience. 

I’m taking Xeljanz 15mg everyday. I’m shedding really much hair. 

When you stopped did your hair stopped shedding?



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